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Coachella 2015 Sold Out Already?

coachella 2015 sold out

Is Coachella 2015 Sold Out  already? No, but your chances of buying a ticket just got much harder. Coachella 2015 presale, which confusingly goes on sale seemingly minutes after current festivities have ended, sold out in the span of a couple hours. This is noticeably less time than it took for 2014’s presale to sell out… Read more »

Are Ultra VIP Tickets Worth It?

Are Ultra VIP Tickets Worth It? We asked some 2013 VIP fans about their experience. “I went in on a package deal for VIP tickets after making plans with some close friends. Ultimately, I had an awesome time. I think you really have to be a different kind of festival goer to appreciate what VIP generally… Read more »

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