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Rock Out with the 80s at These Concerts

Def Leppard

Festivals are always a great time. But sometimes you just need to go to a rock and roll concert. For over 30 years these hair bands have been rocking the world and luckily for us, they are still going strong on tour. Foreigner Since 1976 when the band formed, Foreigner has always put on one… Read more »

Will Smith’s New Music Plans

Will Smith

It’s been a decade in the making. Will smith is returning to music. The next year will bring some new material from Smith with a new album and even a world tour. The Fresh Prince himself also said that DJ Jazzy Jeff might join him. Will Smith got his start as a rapper in the… Read more »

Pharrell’s Hit Song Helps Kids


Pharrell Williams has had many hit songs, but none of them compare to his 2013 hit, Happy. Now the song is not only setting records, but is also a children’s book and is being used for a really good cause. Pharrell wrote, produced and performed the song for the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack and it… Read more »

Why Vinyl Records Aren’t Going Anywhere


Vinyl records sales generate more money than free services by YouTube, Spotify and Vevo combined and it is by a landslide. A new report found that vinyl sales make up one third of total music sales. Vinyl record sales have earned $222 million dollars in the first half of this year. Compared to last year,… Read more »

Willie Nelson and His Weed


We all know Willie Nelson has nothing against marijuana. In fact, he has not been shy about telling or showing the world just how much he loves it. So it doesn’t really come to any surprise that Nelson is launching his own marijuana brand. The 81-year-old plans to create his own recreational marijuana and he… Read more »

The Sounds of Oktoberfest


Oktoberfest kicked off in Munich, Germany on September 19th and the biggest beer festival in the world is expected to attract over 6 million people this year. The 16-day festival is full of fun, food, music and of course beer. The festival includes many attractions like fair rides, games and parades. Guests can get a… Read more »

How EDM Took Over the Music Scene


Over the last few years the EDM scene has taken over music. EDM is now part of mainstream culture and people all over the world are enjoying the charm of this once underground music. DJs like Skrillex, David Guetta, Deadmau5 and Calvin Harris have been in the spotlight the last couple of years thanks to… Read more »