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The Weird Meanings of Childhood Songs

Mulberry Tree

There are some songs that were very common during my childhood. Little did I know, these songs actually have some twisted meanings and date all the back to the 1700s. These famous childhood songs have some really strange origins. Rock-a-Bye Baby, 1765 Many people believe that King James II and Mary of Modena’s son wasn’t… Read more »

The Country’s Best Cheeseburgers


Love cheeseburgers? Of course you can find a cheeseburger at pretty much every fast food joint, but don’t waste your time. These restaurants across the country serve up the juiciest and yummiest cheeseburgers around. Corner Bistro in New York Corner Bistro is a well-known Greenwich Village restaurant that is home to huge burgers. All of… Read more »

The Best Spots to Travel in Your 20s

Machu Picchu

It seems like traveling the world is on everyone’s bucket list. But there are actually some places that are best to visit before you turn the age of 30. These destinations across the world seem to cater to the younger generation with their crazy nightlife and activities. Plus, they won’t put a huge dent in… Read more »

Crazy and Fun Music Themed Suites

John & Yoko

These hotel suites across the country are decked out in some awesome music digs. Next time you book your hotel, make sure to consider these fun and rocking options. The Rock Star Magnificent Suite at Hotel ZaZa Hotel ZaZa in Dallas is home to 153 rooms, but one room stands out from the rest. The… Read more »

‘Tis the Season for Crazy Corn Mazes


Halloween is coming up and that means it is time for some fun fall activities outdoors. From sports teams to singers, there are some pretty epic corn mazes this year. Chicago Blackhawks The Richardson Farm in Illinois boasts as having one of the world’s largest corn mazes. Back in July, they did a tribute to… Read more »

Are These Album Covers For Real?


There are millions and millions of albums out there. Some are amazing and some well, should have never been released. But there are also some that have the craziest and most bizarre album covers ever. It makes you ask, what in the world were they thinking? David Hasslehoff – Do The Limbo Dance Well, everything… Read more »

The Best Music Biopics

Walk the Line

There is not that many movies out there that tell the story of famous musicians. But from the few music biopics that have been made, there are some that go down in history as legendary films. Ray The movie about the life of Ray Charles took the director 15 years to make. Jamie Foxx stars… Read more »

Unique Pools Across the World


Looking for the best place to find some interesting pools to lounge around? There are a number of pools across the world that offers the ultimate swimming experience. These pools happen to be the weirdest, yet coolest pools to visit. So what are you waiting for, head to these destinations to see the most insane… Read more »

The Best Small Towns in America


Move over Chicago and New York City, these small towns are just as fun to visit. Next time you are traveling across country, make sure to check out these towns. Huron, Ohio Huron, Ohio is a small town where the Huron River meets Lake Erie. Sheldon Marsh State Nature, which is a wonderful habitat that… Read more »

Fun Food Festivals in Florida

Corn Fest

Florida hosts a handful of music festivals. But the state also hosts some world famous food festivals. Did you know that about 80 percent of the country’s fresh produce is grown in Florida from January to March? These festivals take full of advantage of Florida’s homegrown goodness. Florida Seafood Festival The Florida Seafood Festival is… Read more »