‘Tis the Season for Crazy Corn Mazes

Halloween is coming up and that means it is time for some fun fall activities outdoors. From sports teams to singers, there are some pretty epic corn mazes this year.

Chicago Blackhawks


Courtesy of espn.com

The Richardson Farm in Illinois boasts as having one of the world’s largest corn mazes. Back in July, they did a tribute to the Chicago Blackhawks after they won the Stanley Cup. The maze is actually compiled of five corn mazes and covers 33 acres. The maze includes 2 hockey players, two logos, a hockey puck, the Chicago skyline and the words 2015 Champions. This farm sure did an impressive job celebrating the Blackhawks win and in a short amount of time.

Sacramento Kings

About 20 miles from Sacramento, the Cool Patch Pumpkin designed a corn maze with the logo of the Sacramento Kings. This is to celebrate the upcoming season and to get fans pumped up. The owner of the corn maze says he is proud to be a Kings fan. The entire maze is about 44 acres and takes 90 minutes to complete. It is currently open and it is only $12 a ticket and kids under 5 are free.

Rex Ryan

Rex Ryan

Courtesy of newsday.com

Rex Ryan is the new coach for the Buffalo Bills and he already has some dedicated fans. A farm in Scottsville, New York made an elaborate and crazy corn maze back in August that includes Ryan’s head, a football and the words Go Bills. Stokoe farms tweeted a photo of the corn maze with a caption welcoming Ryan and letting him know how excited they are for the season.

Taylor Swift


Courtesy of foxnews.com

A 12-acre corn maze in Frederick, Maryland has a full on Taylor Swift themed corn maze. Jeff Greenwood is the owner and said he chose Swift because she is a role model that inspires other to be different. Above the singer’s face, are the words dare to be different. Taylor even acknowledged the corn maze on Instagram stating she loved it. Guests have to answer questions of Swift and if they get the right answer, they are told to go in the right direction of the maze. If they answer the question wrong, they are told to go in the wrong direction and get even more lost. The maze is open from September 26th to November 1st first.