The Full Coachella Experience Review

Welcome to Coachella Valley Music and Arts Annual Festival – the two best weekends of the year.

Coachella Experience Overview

coachella valley music and arts annual festival

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Annual Festival – also known as Coachella, Coachellafest, and Coachella Festival – is an annual three-day music festival occurring through the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. The festival was originally organized by Paul Tollett and Goldenvoice, a subsidiary of AEG Live.

The Coachella experience is defined by its diverse and inclusive lineup of musical genres, including rock, indie, hip hop and electronic music. Acts are hosted through a variety of stages including the Coachella Stage, Outdoor Theatre, Gobi Tent, Mojave Tent, and the Sahara Tent.

In years past, countless high-profile artists have played Coachella. Recent acts include Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, Prince, Paul McCartney, Arcade Fire, Wu-Tang Clan, Duran Duran, Radiohead, Oasis, Daft Punk, Madonna, The Cure, Kanye West, The Black Keys, Rage Against the Machine, Beck, Gorillaz, Pavement and Jay-Z.

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Coachella Ticket Prices

coachella ticket prices

General Admission – $349

General Admission + Car Camping Pass – $434

VIP Festival Passes – $799

Passes are sent thru priority mail, including the respective Coachella high security wriistband and passes you purchased.

Are Coachella VIP Festival Passes Worth It?

are coachella vip festival passes worth it?

The short answer is yes! If you have a few extra hundred dollars to splurge on your Coachella experience, there’s truly nothing better than living the highlife at one of the most sensational music festivals of the year.

VIP Festival Passes are highly limited and allow for special access to VIP exclusive areas. The main VIP area is located adjacent to the Coachella Stage beneath an armada of white peaked tents, allowing for an exceptional view to some of the largest acts each day. This VIP exclusive area consists of shaded areas, picnic tables, couches, surplus restrooms, food & beverage vendors and a full cash bar.are coachella vip passes worth it? 2

The second VIP exclusive area is adjacent to the Sahara tent within the Rose Garden, boasting virtually identical amenities and an unparalleled view surrounded by thousands of fully bloomed roses.

Coachella VIP Festival Passes are not recommended for first time attendees of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Annual Festival. We suggest first timers instead define their Coachella experience the way it was intended, among the general population. Coachella is all about the total strangers you meet along the way.

Coachella Festival Weather

coachella festival weather

As the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Annual Festival occurs within the California Desert, temperatures are generally hot with the possibility of growing particularly chilly during the late evening. Coachella temperatures include highs of 107 degrees and lows of 41 degrees at their worst. We highly recommend you stay adequately hydrated throughout the afternoon and apply proper amounts of sunscreen – don’t allow yourself to feel miserable after the first day of your Coachella experience!

Coachella Festival Fashion

coachella festival fashion

Coachella has long been revered for its unique array of indie fashion, giving festival attendees the ability to show off their independent designs and tailored outfits for better or worse. Sundresses, blouses and high-waist shorts are incredibly popular among female Coachella participants, clothing items generally carrying a vintage feel. Accessories are also a major staple for female Coachella Festers – rings, earrings sunhats and necklaces in abundance.

Male fashion is also prevalent, however casual. Cutoff shorts and short shorts predominate the bottom half of the festival garb for males, typically incorporating graphic tanks and flannel short sleeve shirts.

Also, Ray Bans. Lots and lots of Ray Bans.

What’s the Crowd at Coachella Like?

what's the crowd at coachella like?

The crowd at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Annual Festival, like other major US music festivals, is very diverse – ranging in all ages and personalities. The average Coachella Fest attendee is typically of college age, highly outgoing and passionate about music. They give the annual Coachella Fest a certain vitality and youth – perhaps where a good portion of the ‘hipster’ generalizing amounts from.

Because Coachella Valley Music and Arts Annual Festival features classic artists such as Duran Duran, Prince and the Stone Roses, it’s not uncommon for older generations to attend. While not a common feature, occasionally infants and young children are accompanied by their parents in the tamer areas of the festival.

Celebrity sightings are common within Coachella. Many high-profile individuals including Katy Perry, Vanessa Hudgens and Lindsay Lohan are regular attendees of the Coachella Festival. It’s not unusual to find yourself feeling a little star struck over the course of the weekend.

Coachella Food & Beverages

coachella food and beverages

The food and beverage situation at Coachella is a little oasis in the rugged desert. We recommend bringing an extra allotment of cash, anywhere between 30 – 70 dollars, in order to take full advantage.

GA Coachella attendants can enjoy access to a Certified Organic Farmer’s Market among other different food truck staples from around the region. Gourmet meals typically run around $10 and offer hungry patrons pizza, BBQ, vegetarian dishes and much more. The VIP areas include many higher end options including steakhouse eateries. We’re nearly as excited for the food and beverage lineup at Coachella as much as the featured artists.

Coachella Bathrooms

coachella bathrooms

Curious what the Coachella bathrooms are like? Don’t fret, there’s an abundance of open stalls available to you at all hours of the day – they generally just require a decent amount of walking. If you find yourself needing to make a longer time within the bathroom, fully air conditioned RVs are generally available in the same area as the portable units. Taking advantage of the RVs is choice in the sweltering afternoons so you don’t find yourself standing in a virtual sauna.

Coachella Drug Use

drug use at coachella

Drug usage throughout music festivals is a basic fact of life – it’s impossible to completely separate the two. While we’re certainly advocates of having a good time, we bigger advocates of enjoying yourself responsibly. Please be careful!

Coachella security tightens every year, undercover cops becoming a regular occurrence. While it’s fairly easy to get away with smuggling drugs like marijuana inside the actual grounds, the intent to sell is radically enforced. Each year, dealers are busted for carrying loads of pills – facing much more serious charges than a festival ban. While many dealers look at Coachella as a money making opportunity, the risk is much higher than merely selling outside of their homes.

Ecstasy and MDMA are common within the festival, particularly toward the EDM half of the Coachella Festival. These drugs do present some increased danger with the extreme temperatures occurring commonly throughout the weekend.

Coachella Art Installations

Almost as famous as the music presented through Coachella Valley Music and Arts Annual Festival is the art itself – unique and modern sculptures that encapsulate much of the festival’s spirit and ingenuity. Here’s a brief overview of what to expect,

Coachella Tesla Coils

coachella tesla coils

The tesla coils are a staple of Coachella from the very beginning, often featured within much of the promotional material annually.

Coachella Land Sharks

coachella land sharks

A flashy display of innovation, the Coachella Land Sharks, aptly referred to as ‘Betty’, are something you have to see to believe. The video hardly does them any justice!

Coachella Ferris Wheel

coachella ferris wheel

Want to get a bird’s eye view of the entire Coachella Valley Music and Arts Annual Festival? Climb aboard the Coachella Ferris Wheel, perhaps the single most iconic fixture in the Indio Desert throughout the month of April. It’s equally alluring at night!

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