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How to Buy Last Chance Coachella Tickets

last chance coachella tickets 2014

Tips on how to buy last chance Coachella tickets for those late to the party Whether you missed the boat on presale tickets or only recently decided to attend, there’s only a small window left to buy tickets for 2014. Don’t find yourself empty handed by the time the official Coachella lineup is released in… Read more »

Coachella 2014 Sold Out?

Coachella 2014 sold out? It’s official. *Updated 1/10/2014 Coachella weekend 1 sold out approximately 2:22 EST Coachella weekend 2 sold out approximately 4:20 EST You might be part of the many thousands concerned Coachella 2014 sold out if you missed your chance to purchase advance tickets. No, friend — the time for panic is not now…. Read more »

Ultra Music Festival 2014 Tickets

Ultra Music Festival 2014 Tickets are actually pretty inexpensive if you managed to buy them early. Those lucky enough to snag early bird tickets for Ultra this year paid roughly half the price of regular general admission! It’s no wonder they managed to sell out in just under a minute. We’ll be attempting to keep… Read more »

Are Ultra VIP Tickets Worth It?

Are Ultra VIP Tickets Worth It? We asked some 2013 VIP fans about their experience. “I went in on a package deal for VIP tickets after making plans with some close friends. Ultimately, I had an awesome time. I think you really have to be a different kind of festival goer to appreciate what VIP generally… Read more »

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