Karaoke Places Within Burning Man

burning man karaoke placesBurning Man probably isn’t the area you’d normally associate karaoke places with but then again, these people do like to party. Is it really all that surprising?

I’m remembering back to my stint in the Black Rocks desert — singing and dancing was a huge part of many theme camps, however it happened to be incorporated. One sticks out in particular memory thanks to all this research I’ve been doing about karaoke places near music festivals. Inside Burning Man was probably one of the best karaoke places I ever happened to stumble upon, it just doesn’t register as the prime example!

One theme camp in particular was specifically geared toward less conventional karaoke. They brought a radio out with backing tunes where live instrumentation couldn’t be used, but they also had a costumed group with flashcards providing lyrics for those brave enough to participate.

So no use of electronics aside from a few spare batteries in a beat up stereo? That’s where the megaphone came in. I’ll tell you right now, people were paying attention to that jam session whether they wanted to or not!

If you’re looking for karaoke places, sometimes you just need to think outside of the box. Aside from the Red Barn near Coachella, I’ll have to keep my eyes posted for others.