Dive Bars in the Coachella Area

dive bars red barn indioWe’re pretty big fans of dive bars. Sometimes getting gouged on $6 Heinekens all day at the actual Coachella Festival can break a man’s soul. We decided to fix that.

drunk karaoke dive barsThe beauty behind dive bars is occasionally you can really find some diamonds in the rough. One morning during Coachella, we decided to escape the sun for a few hours and hit up the Red Barn in Indio. As you could hear virtually the entire population making noise on the polo grounds, it was hardly a surprise to see we had the entire place to ourselves.

A few $2 domestics and games of shuffleboard later, the gang and I were feeling pretty good. We ended up returning much later after the festivities for a karaoke session — apparently word got out about this place, it was jam packed following that day of Coachella. It was pretty hilarious seeing a bunch of the drunk people embarrass themselves thoroughly with renditions of Bruce Springsteen and all the classics. I decided to spare the audience my voice and stuck to playing darts with Chris, sipping on some seriously delicious long islands.

Hard to believe the entire Coachella experience is already completely behind us. I know exploring the Indio dive bars was a major highlight.