5 Must-Try Japanese Cuisine Dishes

Japan is an excellent destination to consider for your next vacation. Not only is the region rich with ancient and modern culture, but it is also home to some of the most unique and decadent cuisines in the world. While visiting Japan can be pretty costly, there are a few ways to save when visiting the region, as various places offer travel packages. With that said, these are five of the best Japanese cuisine dishes to try when visiting the oriental destination. 

Wagyu Beef

Wagyu beef is enjoyed worldwide for its high-quality and unique taste, although the Japanese traditionally prepare the meat differently. In most cases, wagyu beef is served raw with various neutral vegetables such as leeks, mushrooms, and baked potatoes. In contrast, Australian wagyu is often lightly braised and served with other sides. The traditional raw Japanese wagyu beef dishes are unique to the region and a must-try for adventurous food lovers visiting Japan. 


Of course, one could not consider traveling to Japan without any intention of indulging in traditional Japanese sushi. Because sushi is the best-known dish to come from Japan, you will be able to indulge in the best sushi creations during your stay. Suppose you are after an experience that spans further than the mere taste of food. In that case, you should consider Kaiten-sushi, which is served on a conveyer belt, or Edomae sushi, which is served to you at a private counter while you can watch the chef prepare your sushi right before your eyes.


Sashimi is somewhat similar to sushi, although it is served in thin easy-to-eat slices and without rice. However, it is slightly similar to sushi as it is served in various ways; it is more the high-quality and unique taste of the raw fish that lures in food lovers from around the globe. Sashimi is generally served with soy sauce to add a bit of flavor, although you can also pair it with Japanese wasabi if you prefer a bit of heat. 


Unagi is a grilled eel, and the Japanese consider it a delicacy, served mainly in high-class dining. However, you can find the dish in many casual Japanese restaurants and have the option of Kabayaki, which is eel on skewers that are then grilled in a sauce that contains soy sauce, sake, sugar, and mirin. You will also have the option of Unadon, which is Kabayaki served on white rice. 


Tempura refers to various kinds of seafood, meats, and even vegetables that are dipped in batter and deep-fried. The batter is usually made with egg and flour. Tempura dishes also involve dipping the deep-fried creations into a unique Japanese sauce called tentsuyu before enjoying. This sauce is made with the broth of kombu, mirin, dried bonito, and then mixed with soy sauce at a precise ratio. Many add grated radish or ginger for extra flavor. 

There are tons of other unique delicacies to try when visiting Japan. The region boasts some of the most distinctive and eccentric dishes in the world. While some are considered delicacies to the locals and can mainly be found in high-end restaurants, it is also a fantastic idea to explore the world of Japanese street food.