The Best Places For Japan Travel Packages

The thing that makes Japan a special place is the accent they put on tradition and culture. The people there don’t let globalization enter their homes, and they still carry a strong spirit. When we think of the country itself, we imagine a land of warrior poets, samurai, ninja, lotus flowers, wooden houses, monks, and immaculate attention to detail.  

Of course, the world is changing, and Japan changes with it. But there are still places that exist without a touch of modernization. Some areas seem like they have been living on their own for the last two or three hundred years. It’s a feeling that can only be experienced if you’re there and present at the moment. Click this link to find out more. 


If you only have time to visit one place, then that place should definitely be Kyoto. It’s everything that pops in your mind when you think of Japan. There are beautiful geishas that pop out of wooden doors in small houses. Their faces are white, with bright red lipstick, and they have an entire ceremony for making tea.  

The surrounding area around the city is made of bamboo forests, the ones where samurai used to practice and hone their legendary skills. There are many shrines and temples in bright red, silver, or golden colors. Additionally, there are markets that are widely known about their fresh ingredients and unidentifiable taste.  

The minimum amount of time you should spend there is five days. Anything less than that will make you crave for more, and you’ll feel like you didn’t see anything. When you get there, the town center might disappoint you at the start because that’s an urban area.  

To experience the authentic culture, you need to stroll to the outskirts where you’ll find narrow streets, monks with their robes, as well as old wooden houses. That’s why Kyoto is a must on every All Japan Tours package. If you want to get away from the crowds, get up early in the morning and start doing the things on your to-do list.  

The city is a widely known tourist attraction, so if you plan to visit some temples, make sure you wake up before the sun rises. If you go in late March or early April, you might see the sakura trees blossom. There are a lot of magical spots where the entire streets become covered with cherry blossom leaves, and it’s one of the most romantic and beautiful things in the world. 


There are two types of people that visit Japan. The first ones come for the culture and the architecture. The second type comes for the futuristic world of Tokyo. If you’re someone who wants to focus on nature, tradition, temples, shrines, and wants to see the authenticity of the central city, Nikko is a place where you’ll combine both worlds.  

It’s just a few hours away from Tokyo, and it’s a great place to rest your mind from all the buzzes in the main city. UNESCO protects the entire area, and the main attraction is the Toshogu Shrine. It’s a marvelous place full of cedar trees and golden and red buildings. It’s the perfect spot if you’re going in autumn, but the main attractions can become a bit crowded.  

Mount Koya 

If you’ve ever wanted to be a monk or simply experience a spiritual master’s life for a few days, then Mount Koya, or Koya-san is the place for you. This is a secluded place and most people miss out on it because you get to stay in a lodging. However, there are plenty of fun things to do in this place. Follow this link for more 

You can soak up in an onsen bath, try some local specialties such as “shojin ryori,” or even take a stroll through the famous Okunoin cemetery. If you decide to spend the night there, you will join the monks into some meditation and chanting in the early mornings. It’s a perfect place to spend a night, and the location is quite close to Osaka or Kyoto.  

No matter which place you pick, it won’t be a mistake. There’s something to do in every corner of Japan, and the only thing left for you is to go there.