Why You Need to Have Your Brakes Checked Regularly

By far the most important safety feature on any vehicle is the brakes. Your brakes are what enable you to stop in a safe, controlled and timely way and it is your brakes that keep you and other drivers on the road safe. However, many drivers tend to take their brakes for granted and don’t have them serviced to ensure they are in a good working condition as often as they should be.

Brakes that are in a good working order are made up of lots of different components including pads, shoes, cylinders, brake discs and brake rotors. To have a healthy system that is working well, you need to have each of these individual parts working together cohesively. When brakes are not serviced, you risk a number of issues happening and parts can potentially fail. Below, we are taking you through some of the top reasons why you need to make sure that you are having your brakes checked regularly.


A big problem that people tend to face when they are not having their brakes regularly checked is that they are more likely to spend a lot more on repairs in the long run. This is especially true for your brake discs! Having your brake pads regularly inspected will keep you informed of when they are starting to wear down and you will have a better idea of when to replace them. When you don’t do this, there is a higher chance that they will rub away and leave you with scoring the brake disks each time you are pressing the pedal. This can be extremely damaging to your break pads and you will have a much costlier repair than anticipated afterwards.


No one wants to think of the possibility that their brakes have a sudden failure, but when you are not having your brakes regularly checked, there is a chance that this could happen to you. Most brake problems can be fixed if they are spotted early enough, but if you ignore warning signs such as spongey breaks, your car pulling to the side, or vibrations, then this will massively increase the chances of your brakes failing. This surprise can then lead to you and others being involved in a serious accident.

Stopping Distance

Did you know that it doesn’t need to be a complete failure of the whole brake system to cause an accident? Simply not having your brakes checked regularly can result in them gradually increasing your stopping time which can lead to an accident. Your breaks will gradually wear away and as this happens, so does the likelihood of you having an accident without even really noticing it.