Why people are choosing Turkey for their hair transplant procedure

With new procedures, specialist processes and equipment and the best specialist in the world, Turkey is leading the way for hair transplantation procedures across the world. There is a reason so many are now choosing Turkey.

The developments in the world of cosmetic procedures, is now making it possible for people to finally address those parts of their appearance that they simply aren’t happy with. Losing your hair, for both men and women can really knock a person’s confidence, but with hair transplantation there is finally a means to permanently solve this problem, with Turkey as the location of choice. Here is why:

Revolutionary new methods with the FUE Sapphire procedure

Most people are vaguely aware of what a hair transplant consists of. During the first part, hair follicles are selected and extracted from an area of the scalp not suffering from little or no hair growth. This requires a specialist with specialist equipment.

This is usually the sides and back of the head, which is generally considered immune to hair loss, and can take around 3 hours. Next those extracted follicles are inserted into the area of the scalp suffering from baldness or thinning.

The extraction and insertion of follicles are carried out using a specialist punch-like tool. However the reason why you can find the best hair transplant in Turkey is because of the FUE Sapphire method.

Turkish clinics are leading the way in this revolutionary process. The punch tool is actually made up of sapphire crystals. The properties of the sapphire are such that it makes an astounding difference. Healing occuring quicker and new growth better. It really is a revolutionary developments, and as one of the options available some Turkish clinics is the reason why people are flocking there for the procedure.

Turkey provides the best specialists and the best service for hair transplantation

With Turkey becoming the Meca for hair transplant procedures, it mean the best surgeons and specialists are also flocking to the country in order to be at the forefront of developments in this field.

In addition, the procedures are carried out in modern hospitals and clinics, independently evaluated to ensure the highest standards. Not only this the service and care is second to none.

For example, with clinics competing to give the best service, included in the package is usually a stay in a 5 star hotel, airport transfers and assistance, and world class aftercare and follow-ups during recovery.

As an added bonus, due to lower operating costs and a favourable exchange rate for the euro, US dollar and pound sterling against the Turkish lira, the costs are far more reasonable and achievable than most European countries.

Suitable circumstances that can be resolved through hair transplantation

It is not every case of hair loss that can be used for transplantation. For example, there does need to be some hair available to act as the donor for the balding area.

The procedure works especially well in the case of scarring on the scalp. As the original follicles are usually damaged by whatever trauma has caused the scarring, implanting new follicles is particularly effective.

The procedure is also good for androgenic alopecia, or the common baldness that is often hereditary. It is equally effective in case of thinning hair, where the implantation of extra follicles and really boost the hair produced in that area to make a thicker look and feel.

All of these scenarios respond very well to hair transplantation, and with a little recovery time it will leave the patient looking years younger and a lasting solution to the problem of baldness.