What’s the Weather at MusicfestNW Like?

What’s the Weather at MusicfestNW Like?

Wondering what’s the weather at MusicfestNW like? You clearly missed that whole ‘indoor festival’ section. Let’s catch you up to speed.

MusicfestNW primarily takes place indoors with a few exceptions. The bigger shows occurring at Pioneer Courthouse Square are clearly outdoors, primarily on the basis of the area being freaking gorgeous. So, alas, you will have some elements to contend with. Let’s ask a Portland native for a future forecast.

“Portland has a reputation of being gloomy and hazy most of the year but I think it’s less an issue during the summer months. Expect mild temperatures throughout most of September. At its best, Portland can have temperatures in the 70s-80s range with some chilly evenings. Rain is always a possibility so close to the coast.”

Depending on how sensitive you are to chill, Portland’s MusicfestNW is essentially a free for all in terms of how to comfortably dress for the weather conditions.

As MusicfestNW continues to grow, additional outdoor venues may be incorporated within the very near future. In the meantime, shows operate during the only stretches of time where you might be seeking the indoors. Trust us, when you start to really soak in the Portland area, you’re not going to mind any kind of weather to be outside.