What To Use When You Don’t Have A Shower

Have you ever been camping, and I mean hardcore, earth and mud camping, and seen those wooden boxes that when you open the door at the top of the 3 rotten stairs you’re greeted by a dark hole you’re too scared to look into but that has straw shavings all over the place? 

Unfortunately, I have been through this experience and wouldn’t wish it on anyone I cared about. It all began with a great idea by our group of friends who are all pretty fit and ‘outdoorsy,’ and ended with me holding in my toilet needs to the brink of explosion each day for fear of having to make a trip to the wooden box at the edge of the site near the eerie trees.

Had I known a great invention was on the market and could save me hours of anxiety I might have had a much greater time, but thankfully they are here to stay and my life can go on with the hopes that we might one day go camping again. But not too soon.

What am I talking about I hear you asking intrigued? For more information on products that will change the way you look at things check out GoodWipes.com and browse a range of goods you may not have considered anything important until now.

I always find it so great that people can take either their unique lifestyle habits or quirky ways of doing things and turn them into a business brand, to have a dream that becomes a reality is something that most of us can usually only wish for.

The creation of the wet wipe.

Some may consider the word ‘wipe’ of lower-class when referring to your hygiene rather than using words such as a wet towel or moist towelette, but no matter which way you look at it the fact is the job is getting done all the same. 

Funnily enough, the creation came about from a gentleman who worked in the cosmetics industry in the mid-1950s, read more about his story in this link, but essentially after a few tweaks and a helping hand from a creative mind, the wipe as we know it today is a staple in most family homes, especially those with children.

Being environmentally friendly with our hygiene.

Is it too difficult for us to understand that when we go to the toilet and prepare to ‘clean’ ourselves that it may not be all that ‘clean,’ do you wash the dirt off your hands with a paper towel with no residue left? Would you touch your mouth after you wiped your rear convincing others you are squeaky clean? I didn’t think so. 

The minute you decide to add moisture and water to the equation there is a whole different result, things smell and look fresher, you feel more comfortable in your underwear, and you can have peace of mind in knowing that in the event you won a competition that required you to dress into an entirely new outfit underwear included, you won’t suddenly become a beetroot at the state of your lower half.

I understand the latter phrase may be a bit over the top, but life can be funny, and I for one don’t want to risk it. Besides, the new outfit maybe just the brand and items you’ve always wanted, am I right ladies? 

3 Advantages of using wet wipes over toilet paper.

  • Less skin irritation. A wipe is softer on the skin, rough textured paper when used time and time again is without a doubt going to start to leave a mark. Scratching over the same area can lead to painful, red, and in some cases, broken skin, save yourself the hurt and make the change.

There is always going to be a debate on this topic, see this blog of opinions others have on the toilet paper vs wet wipe campaign and see where you lie on the subject.

  • Advances. You no longer need to stress about chemicals and harsh toxins in wipes when you switch over, there are new bio-degradable wipes that break down and decompose into the earth, safe for the planet safe for you.
  • Fresh. It is essentially like taking a mini shower, rinsing away any evidence that may be left behind, who wouldn’t want to be smelling like roses after visiting the bathroom?

No matter where you end up on this, be sure you are wiping front to back, please.