What is the Best Air Mattress for Camping?

If you are planning on embarking on a camping trip, you certainly will need to include a sleeping gear for when you need to rest. While you can’t pack up your bed and leave, there are option more suited for the outdoors. One of them is the use of a portable air mattress. Like the name, they are mostly inflatable and filled with air to keep them above the floor and get them to work. 

Shopping for outdoor sleeping options for hiking and camping is different from when you are in the market for a new mattress for the house. The conditions in the wild are a lot unusual from when you are home, so your sleeping pad must be able to support the rigors of the outdoors. When shopping for air mattress for camping, there are a few things to keep in mind, and you can read about them below. 

Why you Need an Air Mattress

You would need a soft surface to rest on after all the tiring activities of the day, and for this, most campers choose to go for an air mattress. Of course, there are other outdoor sleeping options for camping, but if you must go for an air mattress, consider other alternatives available to see if they meet your needs as well. 

Knowing what you why you need an air mattress goes a long way in narrowing down your options. Once you understand why it becomes easier to choose from the many options available, that would be best suited for your camping trip. 

Types of Air Mattress 

You should know that there are different types of air mattresses available in the market, and you want to go for one that is best suited to your adventure. The different types include 

  • Standard camping  
  • Self-inflating 
  • All-in-one beds 
  • Double-height 

The standard air mattresses are lightweight and travel friendly, plus they are reasonably priced. The only downside is that they will need to be inflated with air to get them to work. This means you have to travel along with a pump to get them up.

The self-inflating options are a better alternative for those looking to take away the stress of moving around with a pump. They come equipped with an air inflation mechanism that allows you to inflate and deflate the bed. All-in-one beds are a more comfortable option for camping, as they include a sleeping bag and can be raised without the need for a pump.  

The double-height beds are designed to keep you elevated above the floor when sleeping outdoors. They are designed to be comfortable, but the additional height tends to make them bulky, plus you will need to move with an inflator to keep them elevated. You can find more here https://www.outsidepursuits.com/choosing-camping-gear/ on picking the right gear for camping. 

Features to Look for in the Best Air Mattresses

Now that you are familiar with the different outdoor air mattresses let’s now talk about the features to look for in a quality product. 

  • Compact/Lightweight 

You want something that is travel friendly and doesn’t put a lot of strain on your shoulder and back muscles. So you want to consider the dimensions and weight or your sleeping bag when shopping for one. If you would be backpacking, you want your gear to support the nature of your travel. 

  • Durable 

In addition to being lightweight, your sleeping pad also has to be able to withstand the terrain’s rough nature. Go for beds with thick edges and extra layering to act as a protective barrier from wear and tear. 

  • Comfortable 

Sleeping outdoors can be hard on the body, so you want your mattresses to be adequately cushioned for comfort. Most inflatable options are soft, but you want to be careful to avoid the delicate ones that get torn easily. 

  • Spacious 

You don’t have to cramp your sleeping style when out in the wild, at least not entirely. So you want to be sure that the sleeping pad can accommodate those who will be using it. You can find options that can sleep more than one person, so you may want to consider those if you are camping with a partner. 

  • Price 

You should also work out a budget of how much you are willing to spend on a new air mattress. This would help you decide on which ones to pick. But you should know that while most air mattresses are reasonably priced, the durable and comfy ones would cost more than the flimsy options. You can check this website for tips on camping on a budget. 

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Final Note 

An air mattress is a vital camping gear for when you need to sleep outdoors, so you want to put a lot of thought into it when shopping for the best option.