What can you do in airports?

Terminal 4, D Gates, Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

Terminal 4, D Gates, Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

If you’re a keen traveler, you’ll recognize that feeling of being stuck in an airport with nothing to do and three hours till your flight – or worse, having a six-hour transport at an airport in the middle of nowhere! Here are some of our best tips on how to stay busy in that dreaded limbo period after you’ve done your duty free shopping, and why it might not be so bad…


Get online in the lounge

My own personal favorite way to spend time has got to be connecting to free WiFi and carrying on with my life as normal – just in an uncomfortable airport chair. It’s pretty common for airports to have free WiFi these days, and there’s also charging points in many waiting lounges to keep your devices fully juiced up.


One of the more risqué ways to stay amused is to try out online games like slot machines. With a fast WiFi connection, these games can be really addictive and a great way to feel those hours melt away – though make sure the sites are reputable, like Red Flush. Of course, if you’re flying from Seoul-Incheon airport in South Korea, you could always visit a real-life casino and while away some time that way.


Fly from an interesting airport

Not all airports were created equal, and some of them are definitely less equal than others. If all other considerations are fine, then you could always choose a trip to somewhere with interesting entertainment and leisure offerings!


Some of the best airports in the world belong to Nashville and San Fran in the USA. Both of them are fascinating cities to spend a few days in, but you’re also promised a fun time while you wait in transit before getting a flight home. Nashville frequently hosts live concerts, while San Francisco’s international airport has a diverse and sprawling museum. Not too shabby at all!


Bring your own entertainment

Handheld gaming systems were big in the 90s – remember the ubiquity of Gameboy consoles as everyone went mad for Pokemon? If you’ve still got an old console and a working game cartridge, bringing them with you on trips is a great idea as they’re light and great for nostalgia value. Of course, more modern handheld consoles are also sure to keep you amused, but they’re much rarer beasts.


Other suggestions are to get an e-reader and bring books with you – storing many on a single device rather than lugging around all those paperbacks will save the planet, as well as your back. Alternatively, getting some fun apps on your phone or tablet is a great time-waster. Check out the top online gambling at Red Flush casino if you’re feeling brave enough for a wager, but don’t be tempted to spend any more than you mean to!


Part of the fun of travel is experiencing different things from being at home, so don’t forget to make the most of your airport downtime! Have fun, and remember to send your parents a postcard.