What are the Health Benefits of Kayaking and Paddling?

Kayaking involves the use of a kayak; a small and narrow water vehicle that is propelled by a double-bladed paddle for moving over the water. A kayak differs from a canoe both in shape and in the way its paddle looks. Consequently, kayaking is different from cannoning in the way it is paddled and operated.

Kayaking has grown popular over time and it can even be considered as a sport. For some, it is a way of exercising, having fun and keeping fit. You can read up on it here.

New paddlers to kayaking will usually want to know if it is a good exercise. These all depends on the level of intensity as well as the effort that you put into it. Kayaking gives you control over how much you choose to exercise. While some may take it as a leisure activity, some prefer to make it intense and use it as a sport or form of exercise. In any case, what you can be certain of is that it has several benefits to your health no matter how you take it.

Kayaking as a sport or as a leisure activity can appear to be quite easy when you are an onlooker but it is far from being so. In fact, it requires using muscles from different parts of the body including the arms, chest, back, shoulders and legs. It is a great way to work out, burn calories and lose weight. It is also a good way to have fun and enjoy the outdoors. 

Health Benefits of Kayaking

After a long week, you can head outdoors for kayaking at the weekend. It is a great way to unwind and if you are new to it, you can always learn the basics within a day. Paddling a kayak helps to let out steam and relieve mental stress. 

With consistent and continual use, you will begin to discover more of its health benefits. Some of which you will find below.

Relieve from Stress

Stress is a common phenomenon and it seems everyone experiences their fair share of it. Most forms of exercising can help to relieve stress and kayaking is no different. Paddling in a kayak provides a tranquil and enjoyable way to get rid of every form of stress. As you paddle, endorphins are released to counter the effects of stress. Also, the calmness of the water and the surrounding scenery and landscape helps to calm the nerves.

In addition to these, the feel of the cool breeze on your face and the sounds from your paddle as it hits the water all work in tandem to help give you a soothing experience.

Helps in Weight Loss

Losing weight and having a lean mass is one of the most predominant reasons why a lot of people exercise. This is because adding too much weight is generally bad for the health. For some people, it is a case of self-esteem as they would prefer to have a leaner and attractive body. You can find reason people choose to lose weight here https://caloriecontrol.org/whats-your-why-the-top-reasons-why-americans-want-to-lose-weight

Kayaking provides a way to lose weight as it entails using most muscles in the body and along the way, you burn calories and fat. The more the muscles that you use in an exercise, the more calories that you burn. It is possible to burn anything from 400 to 2000 calories in an hour to half a day depending on the intensity with which you are paddling.

The beauty of kayaking for weight loss is that you can have fun while at it. You can burn fat at the same time without the intensity of a gym workout or other forms of weight loss exercises.

It is Good for the Heart

Paddling and kayaking is a form of cardiovascular and aerobic workout and this is important in keeping your heart healthy. Like most muscles in the body, the heart also needs to be exercised so that it remains strong. A healthy heart helps to prevent high blood pressure and other health issues associated with a weak heart.

Most cardio workouts can be boring because of their repetitive nature. With kayaking, you get to enjoy yourself while achieving the same or even better results.

It is Good for Upper Body Workout 

Kayaking requires you to paddle as this is the only way you can move across the water. The paddling motion involves you moving your hands back and forth and you need to exert some level of force to keep going. Doing this consistently helps to work on the muscles that are all over the upper part of the body. It works on the abs, your chest, shoulders, arms, neck and back.

The result you get in working the upper part of the body in a gym cannot in any way compare to the results you get from paddling.

Improved Strength

Paddling a kayak may seem easy but when you hit rough waters, it can be quite strenuous. The effect of this on the body is that it helps to improve your strength. Asides from your arms, you have to dig in and use your core muscles and strength to paddle. 

Exercising the body this way helps to strengthen the muscles, improve your strength as well as provide you with a good posture.

In addition to all the above, paddling a kayak is a good way to soak in vitamin D from the sun as it is an outdoor activity. Also, you can use it as fun and bonding time with your family and friends and of course, you make new friends along the way.

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Kayaking is much more than a leisure activity or even a sport. It is a way to get healthy and become fit. All that has been mentioned above reveals that. What’s more? You achieve all of these while having fun, soaking in the sunlight and enjoying the best of nature.