What are the different types of bangles available?

Bangles are worn by women since ancient times. It is worn by both married and unmarried women. It holds a traditional value for Indian women. Women wear bangles to accentuate their beauty. Other than that it also has many health benefits to offer. For example, it helps in improving your blood circulation and also keep negative energy away.

There are different types of bangles available in the market. They differ in terms of materials or design. In this article, we are going to look into the various types of bangles available. Out of all the types of gold, bangles are the most preferred ones. Nowadays, you can even get white gold bangles. You can check the price of white gold bangle price online.

Different types of bangles

There are actually many types of bangles available. With time designs have changed and more new types are added in the list. But on this list, we have included the most common types. Here you go with the list.

  • Silver metal bangles

Silver metal bangles are one of the most common types of bangles you can get. These bangles not only look unique but they can also make your hands look really beautiful. These type of bangles are mostly preferred by younger and unmarried girls. You can team up these bangles with your Indian or indo-western wear.

  • Mirror image black metal bangles

These are basically black metal bangles that come with mirror images inserted in them. You can get a variety of designs to choose from. These bangles are a good option for the festive season or even for a wedding.

  • Golden metal bangles

Golden bangles are the most preferred type. These type of bangles are worn by almost every married women in India. They are the mark of beauty and also a part of the ancient tradition. Designers use gold and carve them into beautiful shapes to make the beautiful bangles that you see in the showroom. Gold bangles are the most expensive options but they last a lifetime. You can check the price of 6-gram gold bangles models.

  • Twisted and copper and silver metal bangles

These types of bangles are made by twisting both the metals together. This gives these bangles a beautiful look that is really hard to resist. The metals are twisted in definite patterns. These bangles may look simple but this is one of the most unique designs that you will get.

  • White metal bangles

White metal bangles are recently getting much popular among the ladies. This is perhaps the most beautiful type of bangles you will find. You can even emboss precious stones in the bangles and make them look even more gorgeous. This is the best kind of accessory for attending any traditional function or wedding.

So these are the 5 most common types of bangles that you can get for yourself. Each of the designs has special qualities and they are worn on different occasions.