Vaping, Much Healthier than Smoking.

Electronic cigarette is generating debate. There is a lot of vapeador Vapeando and all new products or customs generate debates sooner or later and less bad, there is nothing better than analyzing any innovation especially if it can affect health, both positively and negatively.

At the moment, the questions I am hearing and the debates that are being generated make us stand on two main points:

1) Electronic cigarette is bad for health.

2) Compare the electronic cigar with the traditional cigar to know which is less harmful to health.

At this time and after numerous studies no one can deny that the steam cigarette is by far less harmful to the body. The traditional cigar contains more than 400 products extremely harmful to health. The electronic cigarette only contains 1 or 2 chemical agents depending on the flavor chosen. It also does not contain tar, which is not turkey mucus. So those who use E cigs can continue to float quietly.

That and many other reasons are responsible for the explosion in the use of E-cigs. It is a real springboard to help smokers quit. Quitting smoking from one day to another is a really complicated thing, everyone knows that tobacco kills, but even then it is very difficult to quit. The electronic cigarette is really a very effective tool, since we continue doing the gestures, we throw smoke, tastes of tobacco and carries nicotine. As I have explained in several posts, the idea is to gradually lower the nicotine level until you have no dependence on this addictive product. To put an example in the United States is already the second most used way to stop smoking just after willpower.

I think that’s the way to use this fantastic instrument; stop smoking in a less aggressive way, without deprivation or suffering. Of course, it is not recommended to use the children do not see it as a game or an initiation to the world of smokers.

In this time of galloping crisis, another benefit of vapear, is the economic savings that this supposes in the family budget and in a future in the expenditure in health.