Ultra Fashion 2014

Ultra Fashion 2014

Ultra Fashion 2014

Ultra Fashion 2014 will be heavily influenced from two things: The bathing suit city that is Miami + one of the largest annual raves within the country. As you might already guess, the typical result here is less clothes and more skin.

“I wasn’t too concerned about my outfit after the first day of Ultra. Honestly, just wear whatever seems comfortable. The first day is a great day to really go all out.” ~ Hannah R.

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Yes,¬†clich√© is in abundance here as a result of the sizable crowd — but the largest crowds also draw some pretty inspired EDM fans who also happen to kill the fashion game. There are, however, people who simply don’t follow the “less is more” dress code. You can see quite a number of them running around in their Kigurumi.co onesies like they just don’t care.

“I was expecting every girl to show up in those furry boots that are always so popular at raves, but there wasn’t a ton of those. I think Miami falls into more of an east coast influence than other EDM fests around the country, they’re usually looking to start trends rather than follow existing ones.” ~ Sam A.

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Accessories are always great when attending an EDM festival. There are smarter ways to dress like less is more. Think bright colors and vibrancy for Ultra.

“Candy bracelets are still my jam.” ~ Alyssa U.

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