Top Wrongful Death Attorneys in New York

Each year there are close to 170,000 unintentional deaths due to a variety of injuries. 

Going through this sort of ordeal can be one of the most helpless feelings in the world. Because of this, it is crucial that touch base with some professionals who can help you get the compensation that you deserve in these situations.

There are countless lawyers in New York that specialize in wrongful death cases of all varieties. By doing your research, be able to get an advocate that can see you through to the conclusion of the case.

Read on to learn more about hiring a New York wrongful death attorney that can serve you. 

Duffy and Duffy

This is a New York City firm that specializes in a variety of medical malpractice cases. They have one more than 80 multimillion-dollar settlements and help clients with everything from brain injury cases to surgical malpractice.

If you have a medical malpractice case or wrongful death lawsuit on your hands, turning to this team of attorneys will quickly steer you in the right direction.

Block O’Toole and Murphy

When doing business with this Law Firm, you are getting access to a firm that won the biggest negligence result in the history of Long Island litigation. This case raked in approximately $33 million.

So whether you have a wrongful death case or need help with construction work injury cases, vehicle accidents, or any other areas of personal injury law, this firm has you covered.

When working with these professionals, you’re getting New York City attorneys who care and who have the expertise to get the job done correctly.

Jonathan M. Cooper

When you hire the law offices of Jonathan M Cooper, you’re getting someone who is not only skilled, but also a trusted expert. Cooper has shared his expertise in publications like Forbes and USA Today, and has appeared on CNBC, CBS News, NBC and ABC.

Jonathan M. Cooper consistently shows his expertise through a series of free ebooks that he has issued. You will gain a lot of knowledge and information simply by browsing his website, let alone calling to set up a free consultation.

Scott Baron & Associates

When you talk to Scott Barrett and Associates, you’re getting access to more than 25 years of personal injury lawyer experience. This law firm has stood the test of time due to their experience in wrongful death cases, in addition to other personal injury lawsuits — such as dog bites, construction injuries, motor vehicle accidents, and police brutality cases.

These professionals have won a number of verdicts and settlements and have glowing testimonials from people all over New York City and beyond.

These skilled attorneys can break down the elements of your case and simplify it so that you know you’re getting the best possible representation. 

Find the Best New York Wrongful Death Attorney

Consider these tips when you’re trying to find the best New York wrongful death attorney. Now that you have a shortlist of some of the best professionals for hire, start setting up consultations so that you can move forward. 

Be sure to check back when you want more legal recommendations and other sound words of advice.