Top Free Things to Do in London

If you dream of a holiday in London, but you do not think you can afford it, it’s time to learn about thousands of interesting and free things to do in this amazing city. Everyone knows how easy it is to pay cash when visiting London – but few have found that it makes sense to travel around the many great free attractions out there in this article we are going to sample some of the Top Free Things to Do in London for you  

1. Street Market

Street markets are popular in London. Tourists and Londoners flock to these markets to buy antiques, funky items, and original gifts from independent designers, especially on weekends. Borough Market is a great place to produce British and international food. There are often shows such as demonstrations and themed nights, and many stalls have free samples! Some of these markets also sell fresh agricultural products, flowers, and food. Some of these markets are only open on weekends and are organized abroad. Admission to these markets is free, and tourists are the best place to collect souvenirs. Some of the London markets include Camden Market, The Portobello Market, Borough Market, and The Greenwich Market.

2. Somerset House

The first site you should start on your free visitor list is Somerset House. The iconic courtyard and large building of Georgia are enough to make your eyes glaze over, but if this quenches your thirst, the following places may be:

-Balcony overlooking the River Thames

-Basement gallery

During the summer, you can see water fountains in the yard dancing, the smooth springs of water flowing through the holes are enough to stare at for hours. Besides, the house catapult is open for art, installation, and execution. Somerset House also has a painting gallery, but unfortunately, it is the only place to pay for admission. Timing: Monday-Open Sun: 10 am to 6 pm

3. The Scoop

Many museums and galleries in London can be visited for free, but not in cinema and theatre. However, you are lucky. Scoop is the perfect place to meet you and the drama expert for those who are an ideal place for drama, plays, and everything related to acting on stage. During the summer, the amphitheater fills almost every night, thanks to a night of live music, screenings, movie screenings, and sports classes. If your location is close to this location, scroll down immediately and watch the game and run at its best. That’s not all. After all, you obviously want some nutrition to help you get on the right track. Fortunately, Scoop has a café to help you.

4. Plan Your Nights Out

Spending your nights in the city adds to your speed, so be smart about eating and drinking. London has the best working houses in the world, and they are also often cheaper. For Brick Lane in East London, a road full of workspaces is a hassle for your business. Take to the streets to find the best deals, which often include free wine bottles and a 10% discount. BYO restaurants are great for reducing the amount of money spent on expensive wine when eating out. These restaurants refrigerate your favorite drinks and usually cost around; 1 per person to drink alcohol. Even with the cost of cork, it is cheaper than buying a drink at a restaurant price. If you want to go out for a night in the city, try to find places with good hours to start the night, or better yet, buy a drink in the supermarket and get some before you go out. Drinking once in an attractive bar all night quickly drains the budget.

5. Free live show

There are plenty of places to see great music, including the artists you can see under the tube. Southbank Center is an important area to visit, as it offers programs for toll members and non-payers throughout the year. On a sunny day, it is a great place to enjoy the Thames’ culture and the capital. Whatever you decide to do, consider staying at one of Richmond’s luxury hotels 7 miles west of London and the countryside’s bustle. Richmond Hill Hotel is a hidden gem, to do something different when visiting London, why not book a ticket to see your favorite show live? Many spectator tickets are free for various events, and London is full of production companies, making it relatively easy to reach the audience. Ensuring how the show is filmed will not only be possible but can be an intimate scene, it can also lead to an engagement or watching one or two celebrities! Tickets can be purchased online so it is best if you can do a little research before you leave. This can be a good idea for those who want to do something interesting while lowering the cost.

6. Billy Pierre

Other interesting options go beyond the usual suspects. For a separate gallery, visit Old Bailey and see one of the most famous criminal courts in action. Old Bailey Public Galleries are open all business days. They can offer great insights into the world of the English legal system, so if you don’t mind spending a penny or two, there are plenty of places to visit at affordable prices. Has it. There are all unique attractions. The Sherlock Holmes Museum on Baker Street is a great example of this and can be a great follow-up activity.

7. The Changing of the Guard 

 Enjoy a changing guard at Buckingham Palace, one of London’s top attractions, for free. When you enjoy this theatre, the customs really amaze you, and you will find that you are in London.


After carefully selecting the sites from the many free sites London provides you with, you should list the sites of interest. You know the famous phrase “the best things in life are free”. Well, we hope you enjoy these free attractions during your stay in London. for more information feel free to visit Cathay Pacific website where you will get more details