Top 4 Photo Editing Tips You Must Always Pay Heed To

Although there are several guides you can refer to on the Internet, to improve your travel photography in general, let’s throw some light on a few photo editing basics which can help you do wonders even with your mediocre photos sometimes.

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Let’s go over the photo editing tips now.

Always work on the copies of the originals

Although it goes without saying, many people make the mistake of editing their original travel photographs, often spoiling them for good. Please note, once you start editing a picture, any change you make to it will become permanent after you save that file. Hence, you should always create a backup file; in case you don’t like the edits and wish to start again from scratch. It could also be that you wish to keep the original photo as it is, and are only interested in some experimentation. Another reason to always keep the original is for comparison purposes, after you’ve made the edits.

Oftentimes less is more

In most cases, less is more when it comes to photo editing. It implies that it may not be the best idea to go heavy on things like saturation, hue, special effects and overall editing. You must be confident about the photograph you have taken, and make no more than minor edits here and there. Just getting rid of those bothersome people in the background and blurring out some edges can bring back the focus on your subject. At other times, just fixing the lighting aspect using Dodge and Burn tool can do away with the distractions, and highlight the strengths of the image. The main lesson from this is that the best edits are the kinds where no one can tell you’ve actually made any!

Do away with the fear

Regardless of how contradictory it may seem, please know, you shouldn’t hold back when it comes to trying out new things with photo editing tools. These effects may sometimes seem very crazy and quirky, especially to someone new to photo editing, you shouldn’t hold back and try out everything. What’s important here is to tap into your own creative potential, to adjust, fix and create pictures that aptly capture people’s imagination.

Be thorough with the fundamentals

Almost 9 out of 10 times, making effective photo edits is about adjusting the saturation level, hue, contrast or just some minor touch-ups here and there. Making small colour changes and getting rid of distracting blemishes can bring about a new freshness in the images. You can dull out and brighten up certain tones, to completely change how your travel photograph looks and feels like. If you are a professional photographer, please be aware that most of your clients would normally be satisfied with some fundamental editing, and rarely you’d come across a case where someone would want absolutely outrageous and crazy effects!