Tint for Sunglasses: Layoners Shades for all types of Weather & Activities

Ensuring utmost eye protection when you go out under the sun is a primary concern. Wearing sunglasses like Layoners that give protection to the eyes are available in different tints of lenses.

With a wide variety of color and gradient options, it can be hard to choose which one to buy. Picking the right lens tint is important because it can maximize the benefits and purpose of wearing shades.

Let’s first discuss light exposure for better understanding:

Before making a purchase, it’s advisable that you understand the different light exposure. It can help you make an informed decision. 

Ultraviolet (UV)

UV light is invisible to human eyes. Overexposure can lead to eye and skin issues like the development of eye diseases and skin problems like skin cancer.

There is a common misconception regarding how darker the tints are the better protection from the UV light. The fact is all quality lenses regardless of color provide 99.9 percent UV light protection.  

Some people believed that the darker their tints, the better protection they have for their eyes. However, it is not the tint that protects the eyes but the coatings applied to the lens.  

Infrared (IR)

IR, also invisible, is dangerous to the human eyes. Those working in lampwork or welding need high-quality lens tint to safeguard their eyes.

Visible Light

Visible light or white light is the light waves that are visible to the eyes. 

Blue Light

Blue light spreads readily than any type of light. Thus it can harm the eyes fast. Your mobile phones and televisions emit this type of light.

Why the need for lens tint?

Not all lens tints are created equal. Some tints are better in blocking off light than others. 

Tints can make colors more vivid. Others can distort them. It can improve color clarity and vision under various conditions. 

Different Lens Tints:

Red/ Rose/ Amber

Rose or red tints improve contrast by blocking the blue light. It can hasten contrast during cloudy and sunny weather. However, it may cause color distortions. 

The tint heightens visual depth. It offers good road visibility.

These tints are relaxing to the eyes. People who need to wear shades for a long period of time can benefit from it. 

It is ideal to wear when driving, fishing, cycling, skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling,  hunting, shooting, and other water sports. It is also good for those engaged in computer games as it prevents eye strain and discomfort in prolonged use of the computer.

Blue/ Purple

These tints are very trendy and provide a calming effect on the eyes. It is perfect to lessen the glare, improve define contours, and heighten color perception. People engaged in water sports and doing activities under bright, sunny weather should wear this lens. 


Melanin tints are best to protect the aging eyes from sun exposure. It can also safeguard people with macular degeneration. 

Dark Amber/ Brown/ Copper

Amber and Brown tints lessen glare and eliminate blue light. This is the best wear during cloudy weather conditions. 

When it wards off the blue light, it improves visual acuity and contrast, especially against blue and green backgrounds. It is best worn when looking at the sky and grass. 

People doing golf, hunting, cycling, fishing, baseball, skiing and water sports should wear these types of tints.

Yellow/ Orange

It is best to use during low-light, hazy and foggy conditions. The tint helps improve vision and makes things look sharper both indoors and outdoors.

The yellow lens tint is recommended for indoor ball sports and snow activities. Both the tints are recommended when doing these activities: indoor basketball, handball, racquetball and tennis, hunting, shooting, skiing, cycling, snowboarding, and snowmobiling.


Green tint improves contrast and maintains color balance. This tint can also help filter the blue light and decrease the glare. It is perfect for playing tennis, baseball and golf. 


Gray tint lessens overall brightness and maintains a 100 percent normal color perception. The neutral tint permits the eyes to see colors in its purest form. 

You can use this tint under all conditions. It can lower eye strain and fatigue. 

It is ideal for all outdoor sports under bright light conditions. People who are driving can also benefit from this tint.
Before shopping for sunglasses with lens tint, check out Layoners sunglasses that offer a wide range of collections of shades that match your activities. If you are active in sports, choose photochromic lenses that automatically darken when exposed to sunlight.