Three-Day Electronic Music Festival in Colorado

Silhouette of a girl with hand in the air on concert

One of my favorite things to do over the summer is to hit up music festivals. There are so many different festivals throughout the country and they all offer a unique show!

I am really looking forward to traveling to Colorado for the Sonic Bloom Festival. I have never been to Colorado and have wanted to go for some time. I have heard fantastic things about the state, from the party scene to the weather; it will be a good time for sure!

The festival is full of electronic music, art and dance, all in an awesome atmosphere. It is a three-day camping festival in the small town of Rye, Colorado. The weather is going to be absolutely gorgeous and perfect for some music outdoors.

Going to a camping music festival in Colorado started to make me think. Marijuana is now legal in Colorado, so I was wondering what music is the best to rock out to while getting high.

I stumbled across this list that has some of the best songs to listen to while high. Of course I expected Pink Floyd and Bob Marley to be on the list. I was a little surprised to see My Bloody Valentine make the cut, but I can see how these songs would be great to listen to after smoking a little ganja. I will have to make a playlist and play these songs in between acts at the festival.

A bunch of my friends from across the country want to come too. No one really wants to pass up a three-day weekend in beautiful Colorado. I already have a lot of friends there, so I was thinking of staying longer and having them show me some of the hot spots.

I am so excited to travel to Colorado for some awesome music and extracurricular activities with great friends!