These States Are Worth a Visit

Some states are just not on everyone’s travel bucket list. There are a few states that do not draw in tourists like other and are considered the least visited states in America. But surprisingly, these places aren’t as bad as you think and are actually very charming.

Rhode Island

The tiny state of Rhode Island sees about 19.2 million visitors every year. Every summer there are weekly polo matches in Newport and visitors are encouraged to tailgate amongst the gorgeous historic mansions. The Ocean State has 40 miles of coastline and tourists can find some of the warmest water in New England here. Even though it is the smallest state, it still has 10 delicious distilleries and breweries along with some of the best restaurants on the east coast. Rhode Island is really underrated and it is a shame more people doesn’t see all of that beauty.


Only 11 million people visit Montana every year making it the third least visited state, even though it is home to Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park. If the national parks aren’t enough to get you to visit Montana, then maybe the first-rate skiing in the resort town of Whitefish will. It offers the same great slopes you would find in Colorado and Utah, but is not nearly as crowded. Montana is full of beautiful sights and is also a great place to try some fly-fishing. This state really has something for everyone.



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The state of Mississippi sees more visitors than Montana and Rhode Island with 22 million visitors annually. For one, it is the birthplace of Elvis so that is really cool. It is also a place where you can find three different music trails that will take you through churches, train depots, fields and nightclubs to learn about the history of blues and country music. So if you are a music lover, then you have to visit Mississippi. The state also offers 26 miles of immaculate white sand beaches and water. The great thing about these beaches is they are not as crowded as the beaches in Florida. Another plus is the beach towns have casinos and a raging nightlife.