The Top 7 Beaches to Visit in the Middle East

Planning your next vacation? Why continue visiting places that you’ve already seen? Sure, it’s nice to go back to an area that you love and connect with so well, but you must set aside time to explore new things. 

The world is full of new surprises around each and every corner, so why keep turning the same one? It’s time to discover new corners to turn. That’s why your next trip should be to the Middle East. 

There are many cool places to visit in the Middle East and each has its own unique culture and natural surroundings. There’s so much to see and learn while there. One of the most relaxing things you can do on your visit is sink your toes into the sand of some of the top Middle East beaches. 

Pack your towels and your beach chairs and continue reading below. Here’s our list of the top beaches to relax on during your visit to the Middle East. 

1. Israel’s Aqueduct Beach

The remains of Roman ruins, which once were attached to an aqueduct, lie here on Aqueduct Beach. This is where the beach gets its name from. The aqueduct was built by King Herod in BCE. 

It’s quite a sight to see and will fill your mind with curiosity and culture. You get the best of both worlds: a beautiful beach and a lot of history. The beach itself is about 30 minutes away from Tel Aviv and is the perfect spot for those looking for a less-crowded beach.

It’s quieter than other, more popular, beaches in the area and the white fluffy sands will greet your feet with warmth. 

2. Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island

When you think of some of the most amazing beaches in the world, your mind might go directly towards island views. Islands have some of the clearest waters and cleanest sands. Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island comes with no exception. 

Because of this, Yas Island is one of Abu Dhabi’s top tourism locations. Here, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite cocktail. The sands are white and soft and the waters are clear and blue. 

Surrounding the beach is an impressive city with lots of nightlife and other fun activities to do as well. 

3. Egypt’s Hurghada Beaches

Egypt’s Hurghada beaches are covered in golden sand. It’s a bit different from the white fluffy sand, but it’s just as soft and relaxing. There are several beaches located in Hurghada and all are wonderful choices. 

Hurghada is nearby Naama Bay, which you may be more familiar with, but it’s not as congested with people. It’s the perfect choice for those looking to escape all the hustle and bustle of a busy town and beach and settle in on a more relaxing and calming location.

Aside from that, Hurghada beaches are also in close proximity to Egypt’s most ancient sites. On your way to or from the beach, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to stop and soak in all the wonderful history Egypt has to offer. 

4. Oman’s Salalah Beaches

Salalah is the capital of Oman’s Dhofar province. Here, you can find several beaches located alongside the Arabian Sea. The beaches here are clean with white sand and blue seas. 

Although you might not expect a lot of foliage and greenery here, during the summer months, the monsoon season brings in lots of rain that aids in the growth of beautiful green scenery. 

The natural springs in this area will also flourish in the summer for the same reason. The springs are wonderful places to visit during this time and don’t be surprised if you see a few people riding horseback in the area as well. 

5. Turkey’s Ovabuku Beach

Another quiet beach located in the Middle East is Turkey’s Ovabuku Beach. Turkey is home to many amazing beaches, but Ovabuku Beach is the getaway you’ve been looking for. It’s small and surrounded by stunning images of the countryside. 

Mountains, rocks, and trees come together to form the beach’s boarders. The crystal clear waters also make for the perfect snorkeling experience. 

6. Saudi Arabia’s Farasan Islands

The Farasan Islands in Saudi Arabia are the gateway into an underwater world of various marine life. The world beneath the ocean’s surface in the Farasan Islands is practically untouched. If you dive here, you’ll find whale sharks, manta rays, turtles, dolphins, and so much more.

This is the perfect beach location for those with diving experience. There aren’t any guides or rental equipment here. Everything is on your own terms with your own knowledge. 

If you’re a diving expert, then you’ll have to stop by the Farasan Islands. 

7. Dubai’s Kite Beach

All parents know that finding a beach that has all the things you need to keep kids happy is essential. If you plan to bring your kids with you on this vacation, then you’ll want to check out Dubai’s Kite Beach. The beach is fully equipped with white sand and beautiful waters, but it has so much more.

Restaurants, skate parks, charging stations, and playgrounds are all accessible, and it’s tied all together by a lifeguard overlooking the beach and watching over your children. Don’t forget to bring your kites, as this beach is known for all the colorful kites flown there. 

Visiting the Middle East? Check These Beaches Out

A visit to the beach is a must when traveling to the Middle East. Above is our list of a variety of beaches that you can visit in all different areas of the Middle East. Be sure to have this guide handy when deciding which one is the right beach for you and your family!

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