The Best Printer Type for You


Sometimes you need to print a massive number of documents and sometimes you need to print high quality images. Depending on what you are printing, depends on which printer is best for you and your needs.

You probably have heard of inkjet printer and laser printers. But what are the differences? Before you make your next printer purchase, consider shopping around to find the best fit.

Inkjet printers are traditionally best for home use. This type of printer uses ink and is ideal for low volume print. Because ink is used in inkjet printers, it can add up to be costly, depending on how much you are using your printer. And the printer also is quite slow, printing only 16 pages per minute.

Even though inkjet printers can add up to be costly, they usually are pretty inexpensive when starting up use. They are typically smaller and are great for saving space. Inkjet printers print sharp and vivid colors, so if you are looking to print clear images or photos, this is the printer for you. It is also great for printing colored flyers and other documents that might include high resolution photos or lots of colors.

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Laser printers are a little different from inkjet printers. These printers use toner and is best to be use when needing a high volume of documents. Since it is a lower cost per page, laser printers work great in an office setting. Plus, because of the process a laser printer uses, it can print very fast, anywhere between 15 to 100 pages per minute.

If you are wanting to print a large number of black and white documents, then a laser printer is your best option. These printers are made for everyday use and can be used a long time without having to be replaced. But because of ongoing technology, laser printers are also becoming a great printer to use when you need to print color. Certain models available can be just as good printing black and white documents as it is printing vibrant colors and high resolution photos.

When it comes to choosing your next printer, take into consideration what you are going to be mainly using your printer for. There are a great deal of options and models out there to choose from. It all just depends on what you are wanting to use your printer for!