The Best Photos of TomorrowWorld and Tommorowland 2013

We’re in the busy process of compiling our best photos of TomorrowWorld 2013, and with this much dance festival insanity, it’s no easy task.

Compared to the Belgian festival that started it all, amazingly, Atlanta’s TomorrowWorld looks fairly modest. It make take awhile for TomorrowWorld to scale up the fever dream stage setups, but its first showing is nothing short of exceptional.

The immersion at Tommorowland and TomorrowWorld is unlike most music festivals you’ve probably experienced — the lazy comparison lends itself to Electric Forest meets Bonnaroo meets a dash of Burning Man. That’s really only scratching the service.

Did you happen to catch the live stream this weekend? Steve Aoki and others represented the first US import exceptionally well, giving it  some due exposure and setting the wheels in motion for a major 2014 edition. The lineup promises to be even more enticing next year.

On a more serious note, the drug related deaths that occurred at Electric Zoo earlier this year threatened the stability of a festival like TomorrowWorld. The tragic incidents were enough to slow the ticket sales this year, leading many observers to believe TomorrowWorld would flop. Happily, that is far from the case here.

These photos do TomorrowLand and TomorrowWorld a little bit of justice.

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