The Beauty of Jamaica

Jamaica is home to some of the most gorgeous beaches around. The tropical island sees thousands of tourists every year because of these beaches, but you would be surprised to see how much more Jamaica really offers.

The Caribbean island is full of rainforests, beaches and mountains. They have a tropical climate so it is usually pretty warm and with some humidity. But the weather is always nice enough to venture out and do some sightseeing, and not just at the reef-lined beaches.

The primary language in Jamaica is English so you don’t need to learn another language to communicate with locals to get around. All of the locals are very friendly and are happy to help tourists around since tourism is a huge part of the island’s economy.

If you are looking for the ultimate vacation, you can find some gorgeous all-inclusive resorts around Jamaica. Most of these resorts can be find in Montego Bay, which is home to historical British colonial architecture. If you are looking for some fun beach activities besides relaxing by the ocean, head to Negril. The town is known for its renowned snorkeling and diving. Kingston is the capital of Jamaica and is also the city Bob Marley is from. To learn more about reggae music and the legend Marley himself, Kingston has an amazing Bob Marley Museum.

When you are visiting Jamaica, you have to make sure that you enjoy some of their delicious Jamaican cuisine. Jamaican jerk spice is very famous in Jamaica and so is Red Stripe beer. You can’t fully experience Jamaica until you drink a Red Stripe beer on the island.

Of course the music in Jamaica is rocking. Reggae and Ska are very popular on the island; so going out dancing is highly encouraged. There are plenty of bars around and the nightlife is always raging. It is the perfect way to end your day in Jamaica.