Staying entertained on the road

One of the most complicated and most annoying things to do when you are on the road is being stuck in a car, train or on a plane without a single thing to do. The boredom, especially in anticipation of the excitement that is to come, or in between adventures, is so all-encompassing, so world ending, so mind-numbing, that you cannot help but hate everything and yourself while you are doing so. Which is why we decided to come up with a number of ways to remind you to entertain yourself in those situations and tell you how to do it so that you don’t end up murdering someone in this boredom. So, we are going to discuss several options for you. These options included us going through more than one list of online casino sites, online gaming options, books and talking to psychologists, so make sure you read the advice. This advice thus both valid and it is also written after a lot of effort, which is why you should pay attention and use it. Otherwise, you will get bored and go crazy in the solitary confinement of being on the road. 

Online gaming

The concept of online gaming is not a new one. But for the first time in the history of online gaming, you can do it on the go, because the internet is widely available, mostly everywhere. This has allowed online gaming with your laptop easily available anywhere you go, whether you are going to be playing third-person shooters like Fortnite, or gambling games in online casinos, you can do that even in a car, as long as you have data. Even if you don’t have a laptop, there are a whole lot of games nowadays that make it incredibly easy for you to spend time playing video games on them. You can play PUBG mobile, which is of high quality, doesn’t drain the battery too much and is online, so you get to shoot people, or you can play casino games, or you can even play League of Legends nowadays. The Brave New World is upon us people, and instead of using it by allowing ourselves the luxury of not being bored on a plane, some of you are still trying to figure out what the “Not the worst” position to sleep on a plane is. Stop lying to yourself Kren, every single one of them is the worst. Get your phone and start distracting yourself with videogames, it’ll help the 5-hour plane ride immensely. Even if you don’t like complex games, just basic mobile games without the internet can help you kill a couple of hours, so why would you not do it? 


I mean, if you are old school, this is the best option for you. Books are amazing. They are so amazing in fact that they allow you to lose hours upon hours of your life and spend it elsewhere in somebody else’s life. And honestly, what is better than forgetting that boring as all hell life on a train ride and getting to live as Harry Potter, Count Monte Cristo or as the poor girl that Dracula is going to bite (sorry I don’t remember her name and I don’t want to be dishonest by googling it). I’ll tell you what – nothing. Killing boredom with books is the age-old tradition that humans have been enjoying since the very first books started being widely available (so like 15th century or whatever). 

Just imagine, you have about 12 hours of a train ride and you got yourself a nice cabin with a lunch car. You can either go moping about your terrible fate of boredom in the train, or you could instead be really cool and get that book out you’ve had in your back for weeks now and read it. Bam, killing two birds with one stone. Getting that summer reading done and also not being bored anymore. Honestly, reading is my favourite thing to do whenever I am on the road. Even when you stop reading, it will help you enjoy the adventure more, as reading is said to enhance the observation capabilities of people and the absorption of the reality around them. 

Speaking to other passengers

Alternatively, there is one more thing you can do on a twelve-hour train ride. Remember, you are not alone in public transport, and everyone around you has a story to tell, as long as you know how to ask the right questions or approach the right way. If you are a social person you can go out to the food car and see if you can start a conversation. If friendly enough, you might even make a friend for the ride and get sloshed (who doesn’t love drinking on a train). And if you bond enough, you might have a friend to hang out with in the area that you are travelling to. They might turn out to be a good guide of the area, a person knowledgeable about the secrets of the place, and your adventure might become ten times as fun and interesting if you hang out with them. Just make sure they are trustworthy and don’t forget that strangers can be dangerous. Don’t start drinking with randos if you don’t trust them and remain vigilant around even the nicest people.