Starting off the New Year in Dallas with LAN

But it’s only September right? Where has this year gone we could’ve sworn it has only been a couple of days since we welcomed home 2016 at the Dallas Market Hall. Lights All Night was once a small event but thanks to it’s high energy and sick line ups and grown up to be a highly anticipated event every year for our Dallas locals. LAN has dropped a bit of a teaser to let us know just how much heat they are bringing this year and we must admit, we are impressed.


This venue can’t really be given an address as it changed two years ago (2014) to Market Hall from the Convention Center. A fine job done by the LAN crew this year. If you’ve never been to a rave, this is a great one to start with as it’s temperature controlled and very simple to navigate. (Only two stages).

This year’s production is expected to be parallel what texans pride themselves in doing the best bringing on the was bigger and badder show. More effects, more crowd and more rage. Your non-committal friends will have delayed FOMO once they see your sick vids!