Sound Off: Governor’s Ball 2013 Review

Sound Off: Governor's Ball 2013 Review

Governor’s Ball Review

Wondering how Governor’s Ball 2013 played out this year? Pretty great — save for the parts where it didn’t play out at all.

Weather played a major factor the first day of this year’s festival, perhaps tarnishing the experience for some. Governor’s Ball torrential conditions are a great reminder of the risk factor involved in coastal areas hosting major music festivals. It’s hard to pay attention to the featured artists when your lower half is entirely caked in mud.

Gov Ball 2013 Day 1

I had a really lackluster time the first day of Governor’s Ball. The bad weather meant heavy delays on the ferry transportation. I almost decided to skip out on the first day entirely until I was finally able to catch a ride to the island with my friends. At that time the rain had already been coming down for hours. The food vendor area was completely deserted, there was just a massive body of water in front of the whole thing. They set wooden planks down around but it didn’t help at all. If you wanted to participate that day you were absolutely going to be covered in mud — you didn’t have a choice. I was pretty upset that the Kings of Leon set was cut so short due to the weather, I’ve been a fan for a long time since the early days and they haven’t toured in awhile. I was relieved when I found out they rescheduled. ~ Robert G.

Gov Ball 2013 Day 2

The second day of Governor’s Festival was my favorite. Cut Copy was awesome and Icona Pop killed it. Fortunately the weather let up enough for everyone in attendance to start getting their money worth. I was a little worried how things would play out after such a crazy first day. ~ Sara S.

Gov Ball 2013 Day 3

The Daft Punk rumors started flying really early in the morning. I think I ended up believing they would play just because I was there and I wanted them to so badly. Everyone was talking about how the guys were in New York recently and how they worked with Kanye on his new record. If Kanye was playing new stuff it only made sense for them to come out. (Laughing) It was a lot like when Kanye headlined Coachella years ago, everyone talking about Daft Punk. Well, that didn’t happen. But we still got to hear awesome new tracks from Yeezy so that’s always something! ~ Peter H.