Sound Off: Bonnaroo 2013 Review

bonnaroo 2013 review

Bonnaroo 2013 Review

Another Bonnaroo in the books, one more sweltering summer spent down on the farm. We’ve already heard from a lot of you and so far, Bonnaroo’s 2013 edition is being hailed as the festival to beat this year. Here’s how it played out in case you missed it.

Bonnaroo 2013 Day 1, Thursday

The Other Tent was the place to be on Thursday. Started with Araabmuzik, worked into the first time I’ve ever seen Purity Ring, Paper Diamond and I got to finish my night out with Killer Mike. The great part was I still got to catch the tail end of Japandroids. Let me tell you, those guys are built for the live stage. ~ Cole D.

bonnaroo japandroids

The Silent Disco had DJ Jazzy Jeff. I still can’t fucking believe it. ~ Austin F.

Bonnaroo 2013 Day 2, Friday

Local Natives played so early in the day but ended up being my favorite show. The sun was just up in the sky and framed the stage perfectly. Their sound is amazing too. I never realized how talented everyone was in the group musically until I saw them live. ~ Becky T.

bonnaroo local natives

Wilco. Wilco was my favorite. They probably didn’t have a huge draw on account of some schedule conflicts with Grizzly Bear and Wu-Tang Clan, but these guys are rock veterans. For me there wasn’t any other artist that better represented Bonnaroo than Wilco. ~ Stanley R.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen Paul McCartney. It was just beautiful. I cried. ~ Misha Y.

bonnaroo mccartney free pussy riot

My friends convinced me to go see Daniel Tosh. I still hate myself for it. ~ Frank T.

The EDM to end the night was just incredible — Wolfgang Gartner followed by Porter Robinson. That lineup was absolutely stacked. ~ Chris V.

Bonnaroo 2013 Day 3, Saturday

I’ve always wondered why they bring in people to sign the lyrics during some festivals, but I’d never seen anything like this year. In the middle of Matt & Kim’s set, they called up one of the signers to interpret some pretty choice words. Really all I heard was ‘vagina’ and some variance of that — the crowd around me was just going insane over it. It’s ridiculous but that might be the loudest I heard the crowd that entire day. ~ Matt H.

I think I’m still confused about what the hell Björk was wearing during her set. I saw pictures online but it really isn’t helping (laughs). It was like Hellraiser goes Icelandic folk artist? I don’t know. It’s been a few years since I’ve seen her, it’s awesome to see she’s still the same level of crazy. ~ Peter O.

bjork bonnaroo

Holy shit, R. Kelly. If you missed it, you practically missed the entire point of Bonnaroo. ~ Dana C.

David cross is my hero. Still can’t believe I got to see Tobias in person. ~ Roger U.

Bonnaroo 2013 Day 4, Sunday

The food was amazing at Bonnaroo. I spent the entire morning just hanging around eating the different kinds of grilled options they had, some really awesome Mexican. Wish they had that stuff out where I live! ~ Anthony H.

I heard a lot of people’s favorite show of the festival was Kendrick Lamar’s. Dude definitely killed it. Hearing ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ down at the farm, man. It was just perfect. ~ Juan S.

Can anyone tell me what the big fucking deal is with The National? ~ Ray F.