RV Equipment Every Vehicle Needs


Going on an RV trip has a specific charm, and many tourists love this type of vacation. And for a holiday to be as good as possible, it is best to make a good plan and check the vehicle first. It primarily intends on the equipment that is there to make your trip more comfortable and safe. And when leaving your home behind, make sure to invest in Georgia home warranty.

It is clear RVs don’t provide you with the same conditions as hotels, but some standards regarding vehicle equipment must be met. For any additional appliances, you can arrange with the agency (if you are renting a vehicle) or go shopping (if you own an RV).

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Electronic Gadgets

The level of RV equipment determines the price when buying and renting. Some things are necessary, like the stove and fridge. But luxury items like the latest-generation LCD TV or stereo don’t really make a difference to your travel experience, but can significantly affect the price. 

Of the things you need, a GPS device is a priority. It is of great importance if you are going to unknown areas. The backup camera is beneficial while driving, especially the RV first-timers. Due to the size of the vehicle, you may not have good visibility, and this small device is a must.

You need a TV antenna if your vehicle has a TV set. Get yourself a TV if you get bored on long rides so that you can relax in some way. Modern RVs have built-in Wi-Fi, but if you want to travel the old-fashioned way, the regular TV will do.

Adapters are a must if you are traveling over the borders or interstates. Voltage can vary in different countries, even in different locations. These handy devices will convert the incoming energy into a voltage that matches the electrics and prevent short-circuit due to low voltage (check here how to avoid these issues).


All these devices need a reliable power source to supply them with electricity. When you are camping, you can use electric plugs in the campground and pay for consumption. But during the journey, the generator is your power supply. Although most RVs already have it installed, agencies offer rental of these devices. Generators recharge while the vehicle is in motion, and have already built-in electronics adapters for electrics inside the RVs.

Hose Kits


In RVs, drinking water supply systems are separated from those using industrial water, and there are differences between the hoses used in them. Get yourself drinking water hoses made from non-toxic materials safe for human use.

You also need special equipment, among RV fans known as ‘stinky hoses,’ to drain wastewater from your vehicle. You’ll have to do this dirty job at some point (or pay someone to do it for you). Keeping water in a tank can cause an unpleasant odor and troublesome hygiene conditions. You certainly don’t need it in rooms where you eat and sleep.

In addition to a quality hose that doesn’t leak, you need hose supporters for the sewer system. These small devices can make the process of dumping your RVs more manageable, making wastewater flow away fast and smoothly.

Toilet Chemistry

On https://thervnomad.com/, you can find, among other things, useful suggestions on how to prevent unpleasant smells until you drain your RV tank from wastewater or solid waste. Until you get to the right place where you are going to dump the RV, liquid toilet chemicals, or aromatic pads can help. They will neutralize the unpleasant odors of the toilet or sink. Another useful tip is to get biodegradable toilet paper to avoid it getting stuck in the sewer system.

Instant-Pot for Home-Made Meals

An RV trip can be budget-friendly if you decide to prepare meals on your own. You have the necessary equipment, and if you want to enjoy home-made meals just like your nana prepared, get an instant pot. In a few hours, you can cook a healthy and comforting meal for a lot less money than you would spend in a restaurant.

A recreational vehicle is not a hotel, even with the highest equipment package in it. You can compensate for the lack of comfort with the freedom of movement that this type of active holiday provides you. And if you planned an enjoyable and exciting vacation, you won’t care much about accommodation.