Roskilde 2015 – Eight Days of Bliss

Denmark hosts one of the coolest festivals around the world. The Roskilde Festival is the largest festival in Northern Europe and kicks off June 27th and goes until the Fourth of July. The eight-day extravaganza offers a peaceful outlet for festivalgoers from around the world.

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar – courtesy of

This year, the festival will have around 170 acts on eight stages. The lineup includes Florence + the Machine, Paul McCartney, Muse, Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell Williams and many more.

Not only does Roskilde have awesome music, it also offers some pretty cool events. Street City is the place to go to catch the best skaters and to also catch new artists. It is a great place to play for unknown bands to get exposure.

If you want to camp with others and experience living in a small community during the festival, check out Dream City. This is the main camping area and guests can arrange their own events for all to participate in. The campsite is designed to feel like a small community living in harmony during the festivities.

Besides the music, the next best thing at Roskilde is the Art Zone. This is where you can go you check out a variety of international artists. They have created pieces exclusively for the festival. The Art Zone covers over 6,400 meters of creative art.


Courtesy of Roskilde

The Food Court is your go to place for delicious eats. There will be over 20 small food options for festivalgoers to choose from. The goal this is year is have 75 percent of the food options be organic.

Roskilde is full of open-minded people looking to have a great time. For over a week, you can enjoy the company of others who have the same interests. It is a great time to relax, be free and enjoy some awesome music and art. Each year this festival just gets better and better.