Renewing your wardrobe with the best brands

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Many experts consider fashion as a form of art. Fashion has always been one of the best ways to express ourselves; we can always use clothes that are on trend and mix them to create our own fashion style. A different colour on a clothing piece or an original accessory can always turn even the dullest outfit into an amazing one, hence why it is always important to keep an updated wardrobe at hand. If you are looking to update your wardrobe towards the next season, then we have a few suggestions listed down below you can not let pass! 

The best sites to shop online

Going shopping is always a fun experience. However, visiting different stores trying to compare prices and find the perfect attire can be quite challenging and tiresome. Thankfully, nowadays this process can be easily done from the comfort of our own homes thanks to online shopping. Online shopping has brought into the table a whole new world of alternatives. Now it is easier than ever to spot amazing deals without having to leave our house. However, when doing online shopping it is always important to make some research on the sites with the products we wish to acquire, in order to avoid any unpleasant surprise. 

If you are planning to go online shopping for new clothes and accessories, then we can not stop recommending you the website Blanqsand, that is one of the best online retailers in the market. On their website, you will be able to find a big catalogue of clothing, accessories, jewelry and swim wear for both men and women.

Blanqsand also features exclusive online fashion articles that would peak the interest of any fashion fan, as well as being an useful tool to use if you are looking out for new ideas for your wardrobe renewal

But what makes Blanqsand so special is that they only work with the best brands in the market, aiming to achieve the best quality in their products sold. When buying on this website, you will be able to enjoy free international express shipping on your order, as well as have access to exclusive discounts (for example, your first order on this website has a 10% discount, so you can start saving money on your purchases from the very start).

If you are looking forward to make your first purchase in Blanqsand, there are two brands available on their site you should definitely check out.


Sunglasses are the perfect accessory for summer season. On  Blanqsand they are aware of this, that is why the offer a wide catalogue of sunglasses for sale, being Parafina their most popular brand. Parafina is one of the more prestigious brands in the sunglasses market over, and over the last years, their products have gained a lot of traction. Parafina is a brand with a strong compromise with the environment. They only work with eco-friendly materials, creating original 100% allergic free products. This brand has very unique designs which are all carefully manufactured, making it the best option if you are looking for an environmental friendly accessory that will help you look awesome during next summer. 

Goldoni Milano jewelry

In the world of fashion, nothing makes a bigger statement than jewelry. A piece of elegant jewelry can make any person or attire look way more sophisticated. In the world of jewelry, Italy has stand out as the mecca of jewels for their strong craftsmanship traditions in this country. And no Italian brand represents better these traditions than Goldoni Milano Jewelry. Goldoni Milano’s jewels are made 100% in Italy. Their unisex jewelry is the perfect mixture of strong innovative designs with top tier quality materials, resulting in some of the most exclusive pieces of jewelry in the world. Goldoni Milano products can be easily matched with day or night attires. The delicacy and grace of these jewels will add a sophisticated touch to any piece of clothing you could wear, making them accessories you definitely should not be missing in your closet.

If you want to buy fashion articles at the best price, you can check all the catalogue in and enjoy the free international express shipping on all your orders