Notes on How to Do Backpacking the Right Way

When you’ve been traveling for so long, getting ready for a backpacking trip becomes second nature. Deciding what to bring along, how to save money, and how to plan your trip is no longer a cause for major headaches.

You might even be done with all the preparations way before your plane takes off, leaving you with plenty of time to play SlotoCash Casino games.

But I remember what it was like to get ready for my first backpacking trip. The rapid heartbeats, nerves, and doubts never truly stopped, but they certainly subsided with a bit of practice. Sharing my stories and packing tips might help you prepare for your first backpacking trip without taking ten years off your life.

Top Packing Tips

The first – and arguably the most important – thing you need to do before leaving on your trip is to pack all the essentials. A lot of thought goes into deciding what to bring and how to pack all your items, but with some help, the process won’t be as hard.

You can start by deciding what backpack size you should take on the trip. Remember that the bigger the pack, the more you will be inclined to bring along, thus having to lug around with some extra weight on your shoulders. If you know you have packing issues, choose a medium-sizes backpack, which will force you to learn how to manage with fewer items.

But apart from its size, your backpack should be highly accessible. There are plenty of packs that have multiple access points, allowing you to reach items at the bottom of the bag without forcing you to unpack it completely.

Next, you should create a list of things you must bring and go over it a few times, removing anything that you can rent or purchase at the places you visit. For example, you can almost always rent a tent, proper footwear, a portable burner, etc. So unless you will need to use those items regularly as you travel, you should think twice before putting them in your bag. 

Time to Pack

Here are a few things that you should always take with you: toiletries – a toothbrush and toothpaste, hairbrush, sunblock, etc. You should also bring a first aid kit and necessary medication, placing it at the top of the bag when packing. When it comes to electronics, remember to bring chargers for your phone, camera, and any other device you decide to take.

Next, you should organize all your stuff and put everything in waterproof bags. One bag for shirts, one for socks, one for towels, another for electronics, and so on. Knowing which bag contains which items will save you a lot of trouble throughout your trip. Besides, you should bring an extra plastic bag along to store any wet clothes you accumulate.

Also, you should always bring two packs along with you: a bigger one for all the essential – yet replaceable – items, and a smaller one for your passport, wallet, electronics, and more.

Some travelers also prefer to travel with two credit cards, as a backup. That way, they won’t find themselves stranded in a foreign country with no money whatsoever. You should also have some cash within easy reach, at least at the beginning of the trip, just in case.

Once you’ve decided which things to bring, do a practice run and make sure everything fits into your bag. Put the least-essential items at the bottom, and leave some room at the top of things you’ll use regularly.

In Conclusion

Packing for a long trip is not as easy as it sounds. You have to be calculated and decisive when choosing what to put in your backpack, so don’t rush the process, and you will have a splendid trip!