New Innovations in the World of Travel

Thanks to improvements in science and technology, our lifestyles are constantly changing. From smartphones to smart homes, we’ve used technology to improve our lives and make daily actions more efficient in thousands of little ways. It’s also made an impact on the way we travel. Whether it’s going on the Internet to look at your favorite travel blog, or using an online platform to buy a plane ticket, the impact of technology on the travel and tourism industry is undeniable. And like all fields, the travel and tourism industry is only undergoing continued innovation and development. Here are only a few of the innovations in the field that make our globetrotting adventures faster, easier, and more efficient.

Machine Learning

Machine learning and artificial intelligence seems to be the new frontier in nearly every aspect of our lives, travel included. through a variety of different applications. Online Travel Technology says that machine learning and deep learning are beginning to impact the tourism industry These applications include prediction of seasonal demands for services, pricing strategies, personalized recommendations, and customer experience. While many of these applications are currently underway, the increased sophistication of AI and related technologies means that we’ll be seeing a more thorough integration of these in our daily lives in the coming years.

Drone Taxis

Getting around efficiently is the key to a good travel experience, and Uber seems to be taking on the challenge. Aviation JobNet claims that the ride-hailing service is looking to expand its horizons into the horizon. Uber’s head of aviation Eric Allison has announced that Uber is looking at providing drone taxis as a service in the next few years. The company is hopeful that these drone taxis will help reduce congestion on the ground while maximizing airspace. While this innovation may have to cross a few hurdles, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is tentatively onboard, so we may be seeing progress on this in the next few years.

Automated Experiences

According to Airport Business, increasing numbers of airport passenger numbers due to deregulation, population growth, and development have led to several changes in the way we travel. In order to meet the demand of passengers, airports are attempting to streamline their services through the use of automated technologies. Automated and self-serve solutions are fast becoming the go-to in airports around the world, ranging from a machine printing your boarding pass to a combination of robots and sensors handling check-in baggage.


Just like in any real life situation, travelers’ experiences may not always be perfect. Travelers may have a range of questions and inquiries that can’t be handled by a simple FAQ page, and with the number of tourists increasing per year it can be hard for service providers to keep up. Luckily, technology is here to save the day. Chatbot development platform WotNot describes the ways that chatbots have revolutionized the travel industry. Now, flight and hotel bookings, travel assistance, and customer service management is as easy as the tap of a finger.