New DJ Movie Fails at the Box Office

We Are Your Friends

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We Are Your Friends hit theaters this weekend and it was a total flop. The new DJ movie d had the worst opening of all time for any Hollywood studio title released in more than 2,000 theaters. At least I hear the music in the film was really good.

Zac Efron stars as a young man trying to make his dreams come true by hitting it big as a Hollywood DJ. His character has been working on the one track that he thinks will put him on the map. The film takes viewers through a journey as he tries to become famous while spending his nights partying with his buddies.

The movie is rated R is and directed by Max Joseph. I didn’t think it would do that well at the theaters, but the reviews aren’t that bad, a lot of people just didn’t go see the movie. Jon Bernthal from The Walking Dead stars in it and so does Emily Ratajkowski and Wes Bentley.


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We Are Your Friends does have some great EDM music and you can tell Efron worked hard on this film. I hear his acting was great and I know this was a passion project for him. I saw him on a talk show promoting it and he really believed in the film.

It is disappointing that the film did so bad opening weekend, but it doesn’t sound like it was that terrible of a film. There were some reviews that said the movie was awful, but they all agreed that music in the movie is catchy and it portrays the EDM scene accurately.