MusicfestNW Food and Beverages

MusicfestNW food and beverages are widely varied with the festival occurring throughout different venues of Portland. We’re happy to supply some of our favorite recommendations.

Jazzkats Coffee Bar

musicfestnw food and beverage jazzkats coffee bar

Recently opened in the Portland area, Jazzkats Coffee Bar is our favorite take on the amazing Portland coffee scene. All the gourmet menu items can be prepared in vegan fashion to accommodate your diet. Jazzkats also has its thumb on the Portland art scene, featuring live events and exhibitions that showcase local talents. We’re really only scratching the surface on this one, but we’re sure anyone looking for a great updated version of the famous Portland coffee bar will find something to love on this one.

Captured By Porches Brewery

musicfestnw beer captured by porches

A traveling ‘food truck’ of sorts, Captured By Porches Brewery specializes in some of the tastiest craft brew anywhere in Portland. We’ll always remember that first sip of Pumpkin beer. Using fresh ingredients, the friendly staff takes serious pride in providing their specialty beers. Some of the different buses feature amazing food like grilled cheese with a twist. We’re getting hungry just thinking about it. Captured By Porches Brewery combines great Portland microbrew with street food, you just can’t lose.

There’s a lot to experience in Portland. MusicfestNW invites you to choose your own food adventures. Virtually any local is full of amazing personal recommendations, don’t be afraid to ask!