Music Festival Traveling Arrangements, Plan Smart

music festival traveling coachellaPart of your music festival traveling should be spent making the proper arrangements before you ship out. There’s a few things you should make certain you do before you’re ready for the big show.

One of the things I always have to remind myself is to pull enough cash out before getting to the festival. ATM fees onsite are designed to gouge you, you’ll generally end up spending a quarter of your budget just withdrawing the necessary funds. Don’t let this happen to you! Festival traveling is something you absolutely need to set a budget for ahead of time.

There are several great music festivals scatter across the globe. One of the biggest (and best in my opinion) is the Rock In Rio in Brazil. With that being said, knowing the location of the festival can save you a lot of money in the long run. For instance, if I were planning on attending the Rock In Rio festival, then I could have a site like plan out my itinerary as efficiently as possible, planning out my entire trip around the festival. As always, when it comes to traveling, efficiency can play a huge role in saving money or breaking the budget.

Music Festival Traveling Expenses

Pull out more cash than you’re going to use. It’s okay – to pull out more than you would normally feel comfortable carrying. The extra cash will keep you on your toes, forcing you to be more organized and mindful about where you’re stashing it. It’s always worked for me anyway!

Keep sending your festival traveling arrangements, everyone! If I like what I see I’ll make sure to post it here.