Menorca is a paradise of tranquillity and relaxation that you will want to visit every year

Menorca, Paisajes, España, Agua, Naturaleza, Puerto

Menorca is the perfect place for those who love calm places.  It has beautiful coves, some of them unspoilt, as well as interesting places with beautiful views and rich history. The accommodation Menorca offers is diverse, one of the highlights being a boutique hotel in Mahon, the Cristine Bedfor.

Menorca, the less overcrowded of the Balearic Islands, will always be the perfect destination for a quiet and relaxing holiday. It is often described as “discrete”, when compared to the busier and more festive styles of its neighbouring islands Mallorca and Ibiza.

There are many reasons why Menorca has become one of the favourite destinations for Spaniards and foreigners to visit and spend a few unforgettable days during their holidays. One reason, without a doubt, is that it is home to beautiful hidden coves and semi-pristine coves that are a paradise for those who love privacy and totally peaceful surroundings. 

The beaches in Menorca generally have an impressive beauty, with crystalline waters and fine sands that are a delight for those looking to enjoy the sea and the sun. 

Moreover, it is a privileged island with a lot of history, reflected in the Talayotic monuments for example. It has interesting places to visit such as Camí de Cavalls, Cap d’Artrutx, Cova d’en Xoroi, among others.

The perfect accommodations

Enjoying the best services, including the accommodation, is a fundamental aspect of any holiday plan. Given that tourist activity has been growing over the years, the hotel sector in Menorca has been evolving along with the development that has been generated, keeping up with the demands of visitors, as well as offering a wide variety of options to satisfy all needs.

Among the many possibilities available, it is worth mentioning, for all that it has to offer, the boutique hotel Cristine Bedfor in Menorca, located in the city of Mahón. It is an accommodation that goes far beyond your typical hotel, it is a place full of charming corners, where every detail has been taken care of to offer guests a warm and welcoming stay.

The hotel has 21 different rooms which, as explained on its website, represent 21 different stories that translate into unique experiences for visitors. 

It also offers an exclusive Eat & Drink service, which is the result of the union of Ses Forquilles and Cristine Bedfor in what they have called Cristine’s Kitchen. It is a gastronomic offer based on local products, in which attention to every detail is present on every dish.

Another outstanding aspect is that the hotel’s spaces are surrounded  by nature: flowers, water, trees, etc. They have understood that a natural environment brings its guests tranquillity and relaxation, and that is what they always try to offer this environment to its visitors.

More reasons to go to Menorca

There are many more reasons that make Menorca a place worth visiting, not just once, but several times. The climate is one of the things visitors value the most, as the annual average is 17 degrees Celsius. In summer, it can reach 25 degrees Celsius and in winter about 10 degrees Celsius, making the island a place with a pleasant temperature during most of the year.

Its exquisite gastronomy is another reason that has attracted millions of tourists. The most renowned dish of Menorcan cuisine is undoubtedly lobster stew, although we should also mention the traditional sobrasada with honey, olaigo, sausages, ensaimadas, pastissets and the traditional Mahón cheese.

Menorca is also known for being a high quality footwear manufacturing area, with the most famous product being the traditional avarcas sandals, however, there are a variety of more sophisticated options created by renowned designers that will please even the pickiest customer.