Marina Hideaways in Wisconsin

With more than 15,000 lakes and over 10,000 miles of accessible rivers and streams, the state of Wisconsin prides itself with some of the best boating waters in the country. In addition to that, thanks to the Wisconsin Clean Marina Program launched in 2010, water pollution is minimized and wildlife habitat protected. By adopting these practices, marina managers are eligible to be certified as “clean marinas” and receive recognition for their respectable stewardship.

Statistics show that Wisconsinites love to cruise, sail, row, and generally enjoy any boat-related activities. One in ten residents owns their own boat, which adds up to 5% of the total number of boats in the United States of America. Offering public access to the water, acting as harbors, serving as refuge for vessels in distress, and providing other essential services, marines and boatyards play a big role in waterfront communities.

Another important factor in making boating a pleasant and enjoyable practice are, of course, guidelines and regulations. In order to operate a boat, you have to fulfill certain requirements. This is what makes the experience safe.

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Boating Lifestyle – Do You Ship It?

Fewer things are more fascinating than the water. A vast, open area of the nature’s “mirror” is sure to arouse some of the most profound feelings. And among other things, it deserves to be respected, as well as feared. This mixture of emotions makes it all the more breathtaking.

Now, imagine yourself peacefully floating on the calm surface of an awe-inspiring lake. It might be a sunny afternoon, so you find yourself sipping your favorite drink, reading a book, or simply looking at the sky and enjoying life. It sounds fascinating, doesn’t it? It sounds like something so compelling, that you can picture yourself getting used to the lifestyle.

But, if this doesn’t seem like something you would enjoy, you just might be an adventurous type. Hey, you can always try to “tame the water” on smaller and faster boats. Furthermore, there are numerous courses you can take in order to improve your boating skills and become an expert in something you love.

Being a water enthusiast, you are sure to enjoy the various activities that boating can offer, whether you choose to do so alone, or with your friends and family. However, you might be unsure of the proper ways to care for your boat after purchasing it. Don’t worry, there’s always a marina in Wisconsin to help you out, teach you everything you need to know, or even do all the hard work for you. And if this still doesn’t strike you as your cup of tea, there’s always the renting option.

Wisconsin Lakes

Having found your perfect activity, vessel and marina, the next step is to choose the right location. As mentioned before, Wisconsin offers a large number of beautiful lakes that will make you think you’re sailing through paradise. Let’s check out some of the most admirable ones.

  • Eagle River Chain of Lakes

As one of the most famous resort areas in the state, consisting of 28 attached lakes, the Eagle River Chain of Lakes certainly has a lot to offer. This is one of the largest fresh water chains in the world, famous for its fishing tournaments. While traveling from one area to another, the boaters will enjoy a picturesque view of forests and vacation homes, as well as a friendly service at restaurants and pubs. 

  • Lake Winnebago

Winnebago is Wisconsin’s largest inland lake, which makes it one of the greatest boating locations in the USA. Being 30 miles long, it presents the boaters with an opportunity to really enjoy the open water. If you are unsure about the place to start your trip from, I would recommend Oshkosh. It’s located at the center of the western shore, which is a perfect place to begin with if you don’t want to miss any attraction site on Winnebago.

  • Lake Onalaska

Located between Wisconsin and Minnesota, Onalaska is the widest point on the Mississippi River. What makes boating across this lake special is its rich wildlife. Songbirds, raptors and wading birds should not come as a surprise in this part of the state. Furthermore, there are various backwaters, channels and sloughs that boaters can enjoy.

  • Minocqua Chain of Lakes

This is another popular resort area, consisting of 6 lakes, all well-known for their scenic beauty. Expect to see many islands and beautiful homes surrounding these water surfaces. Another common sight are bald eagles and loons. On top of that, water skiing is a very popular sport in this area. 

No matter the destination, this state is sure to provide you with a magnificent overall boating experience. From buying or renting a boat, to maintaining, repairing and taking care of it… Wisconsin does have it all.