Is it a good idea to buy SoundCloud plays in 2019?

So, you may have found that your SoundCloud account is struggling to grab the attention of a wider audience. Maybe your vibe is simply not catching on with people, or maybe you just need a little more time to build a reach, but whatever the case may be, we are here to address that situation when you outright have zero patience for it.

The actual task of making this kind of purchase is easy. There are tons of  people out there who make it their job to help you boost your numbers, and most of the time it tends to be a surprisingly affordable option. To get a better idea of what this type of trade looks like, visit this web page:

That solves the question of whether you can. Now comes the slippery slope of whether you should. Namely, it is entirely impossible for anyone to tell whether or not your plays were purchased or stacked up organically. However, you have to be careful and strive to keep a balance in your metric.

You see, while a large number of plays will certainly boost your existence on the platform, if this stacks up against a low number of likes, or a very scarce amount of comments, you will have a problem on your hands. At best, you will look somewhat ridiculous. At worst, people will figure out that you are a “pay to play” kind of character and you will  instantly lose a large chunk of your credibility – not to mention it might blow a serious hole in your potential future reputation. Click here for an interesting paper on how your reputation may actually affect your business standing.

Purchasing a given number of plays on SoundCloud has some notable benefits to reap. To begin with, it give your presence in the online social circles a rather significant boost. For a more or less cheap price, you can virtually recruit an army of invisible followers. This will in turn make your music seem more popular, which will draw in more actual people who wills top to listen to you.

This effect is achieved at lightning speed when compared to organically building up your stats. There would be no need to waste precious time and even more precious resources on complicated, sensitive growth strategies. Instead, you can jump your credibility and make your numbers skyrocket in the blink of an eye.

The cons of “natural” social media marketing are not that readily discussed, but other than being slow, it does carry some inevitable risks of its own, which you can read more about in this informative article:

This kind of almost instantaneous growth also has one notable perk that will mean the world to anyone who is looking to enter the kingdom of the music industry, and that is, it can help you get relevant attention. By relevant, we mean you might catch the eye of an agent or music companies, or at least a media entity who can help propel you further. And who knows – you may even hit it off big time and manage to go viral!

Now, having said all that there is one major disadvantage to this fairytale trick in the bag. It is really quite simple, and therefore quite crippling. This is the problem: false numbers that you bought can not provide you with actual return information. If a real person stops and listens to your track, they might give a like, or leave a comment with their opinion, they may recommend you to a friend or otherwise give some form of feedback on your work.

With fake listens, you will get none of this, resulting in the statistical discrepancy that we mentioned earlier on in the text. Moreover, if you should happen o hit the jackpot and go viral or attract the attention of a music agent, it might get you into trouble. They will assume that those were real people listening to your stuff, and they will expect them to show up if they book you a gig with a living, breathing audience.

This was what we meant beforehand, when we said that you have to strive to keep a balance in your metric. By all means, give your profile a purchased boost, but also dedicate at least some time to grooming a following of actual humans who will enable you to back up your statistics.

Finally, there is the question of effect speed. If you do decide to go and buy some SoundCloud listens, you will obviously want to know how soon you might expect to get some results from it. There are basically two factors to consider.

The first is your own preference. You can choose to have your purchased plays dumped into your account over a short period of time, or you can go for the so-called “drip feed method”, which you can learn more about here.

With that you purchase a predetermined number of plays or followers, and then have them delivered over a stretched out period of time, a few each day or a couple of day. This can be a good method of imitating natural growth, and actually allows space for some living human listeners to get intermixed in the business as well.

The second factor of result speed is external; it depends on the actual service provider whom you hired to get you this social boost. Different services have different delivery times, so depending on how they work you may see results that very same day, or after a whole week, or after some other period of time.

In conclusion, is it a good idea to buy SoundCloud plays this year? As good of an idea as it ever was, frankly: it edges towards the good, but you have to be careful in how you tip your scales. Be smart in how you invest your boost and make time for winning living listeners too.