Is Daft Punk Coachella 2014 Happening?

Is Daft Punk Coachella 2014 happening? We honestly have no idea. But that won’t stop us from having fun examining the evidence.

daft punk coachella 2014

It seems every year Coachella fans speculate, yes, THIS is the year the robots will make their triumphant return to the California desert. Such speculation reaches a veritable fever pitch just shortly before the official Coachella lineup is released, leaving some fans mildly disappointed when, alas, no Daft Punk.

It’s no secret Daft Punk is one of our favorite artists. Even though we’ve had our hopes dashed time and again, we still similarly hold out hope the robots will return in 2014. But is it realistic to say 2014 is the year?

Just for kicks, we’ll keep this post updated with new information and rumors concerning whether Daft Punk Coachella 2014 is a reality. Why? Mostly to convince ourselves. If you care to get your hopes up with us, come along for the ride.

Daft Punk Coachella 2014 Evidence

In an excerpt from the fantastic Pitchfork cover story on Daft Punk,

But would they ever bring the pyramid back? Bangalter considers the question for a moment, flicking a fly away from his nose. “We never want to do something twice… but at the same time, we’ve never done anything twice, so if we did do something twice, that might be cool.”

Daft Punk released Random Access Memories in 2013. The album itself was promoted using a series of guerrilla marketing strategies over a long period of time. The next Daft Punk tour will more than likely adopt the same strategy.

Daft Punk on Colbert Report

In early August, Daft Punk was set to appear on Comedy Central’s Colbert Report but ultimately failed to make an appearance due to what handlers described as a contractual obligations. The official story is Daft Punk promising MTV the exclusive rights to their first televised appearance since dropping Random Access Memories, now popularly believed to be a ‘surprise’ guest at the annual VMAs. Colbert eventually did replace Daft Punk with Robin Thicke but the recorded performance predated much of the Daft Punk controversy. Some skeptics believe Viacom, owners of MTV and Comedy Central, fabricated the entire incident to drum up publicity. One thing is for sure — if Daft Punk make a public performance on the VMAs, playing a festival they’ve previously played like Coachella is entirely realistic.