Is bingo solely dependent on luck?

Surely bingo is a game of luck, right? The caller shouts out a list of numbers and if they’re on your card, you win. 

Throw into the mix the fact that the numbers are picked by a computerised RNG (random number generator) if you’re playing online, or drawn by a machine if you’re playing in a bingo hall. 

Well, yes – bingo is a game of luck. However, there are factors you can control to improve your chances – visit Mr Luck India today.

Choose wisely

If you weren’t aware, there are differing variations of bingo. No variation is easier to win than any other, but knowing which game suits you best could still give you a small advantage.

The two most common forms of bingo in the UK are 90 ball and 75 ball. They both have slightly different rules, and most bingo players will plump for one or the other as a particular favourite.

90 ball bingo is slightly more popular as the prizes can be very rewarding!

Gauge the best times to play

It may seem like a long shot, just to improve your odds, but if you can, choose to play between 8am and 4pm on a weekday. This is simply due to the fact that there are fewer people playing online bingo and so your chances of winning increase. 

However, if you’re looking to win big prizes, this tactic may not suit you. Bingo sites normally reduce the prizes during “off-peak” times.

Increase your odds of winning!

It’s pretty much common sense to state that in a game of bingo, the more numbers you have on your card, the more probable it is that the caller will call your numbers and you’ll win.

Therefore, in order to improve your odds, simply buying more tickets is a good way of getting closer to the jackpot.

Always make sure that you’re not spending more on tickets than the amount of the jackpot though!

Bingo is a game of randomness

In effect, the RNG is on your side. It’s a random number generator, and it’s in your interest to be random. Bingo is principally a game of luck, and that’s precisely why it’s random. You can’t really control it.

When you think about randomness, how often have you ever heard a bingo caller call out the numbers 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, in that order? In short, you’ll almost never get a sequence of ordered numbers. But why is this?

British mathematical analyst Joseph E. Granville came up with the theory that there will always be what he called “total distribution”. This means that in a random universe, where random events happen, it’s unlikely you’ll find structural order even playing bingo. It seems randomness is our universal destiny.

So, back to bingo. The best way of increasing your chances to win is to buy scorecards that have an equal distribution of odd numbers, even numbers, high numbers and low numbers. 

Bingo is predominantly based on luck, but not solely based on luck. You need to be lucky to win, but there are tiny factors you can control, just to tip Lady Luck’s scales ever so slightly more in your favour.