How to Rent the Perfect Bus for Your Next Field Trip

Are you coordinating a field trip for a school or community group? If so, you probably already have a lot on your plate. After all, you need to determine who’s invited, get permission slips passed out, get the slips back, and perhaps even handle fees.

That doesn’t even count making sure the destination is ready for you and helping keep the kids safe and making sure they have a good time and learn a thing or two.

And the bus? Oh yes, the bus! After all, they have to get there too!

Here are some tips on renting the perfect bus for your next field trip.

Have a Good Headcount

The exact type of bus that you’ll need will depend quite a bit on how many children you have going. You can get buses that hold anywhere from 10 to 56 kids, and of course the cost will vary significantly.

Starting with the full class size is a good idea, but be sure to keep track of the permission slips or registration forms that actually come back. Have a good plan for what to do with the children that aren’t able to come on the field trip as well!

Look for Great Amenities

Cramming everyone on a sweaty, creaking yellow bus is not your only option. You can get excellent pricing on an activity bus in Toronto that is comfortable, safe, air-conditioned, and spacious.

Older kids may enjoy having charging stations for their electronics as well as the ability to watch movies or listen to music on the ride. Even younger kids will enjoy the feeling of luxury that comes from their very own charter bus seat, complete with three-point seatbelts and reclining seats.

Best of all, you’ll have access to on-board restrooms, which is much easier to handle than moving a large group of students through a gas station bathroom.

Know How Long the Trip Is

Are you going across town to a Toronto museum or are you planning to take the students to an entirely different province? Knowing your destination will help you get the best price for your bus rental and may also inform the amenities you look for.

One of the great things about renting a charter bus or minibus is that the event team will handle finding parking and staging areas for your trip. That can be a huge relief when you already have a lot on your mind.

Plan Time to Run Off Energy

For young children, you’ll need some time for the group to decompress after a long bus ride before they’ll be able to focus on your presentation or tour. If your trip is not local, build in time to go to a park before the learning portion of the trip begins.

You may also need another play time after the learning segment before the bus ride home. Don’t see this as wasted energy, either – studies show that playing is a vital part of a child’s learning process.

For older children who are in middle school and above this decompression time may not be as necessary, but giving some time in a park for quiet reflection or even journaling about the experience can help them solidify what they’ve learned.

Have a Safe and Fun Field Trip!

Field trips are the highlight of the school year for most students, so realize how much they appreciate it (even if it doesn’t seem like it)! It’s a lot of work for the adults involved, but hiring the right bus company can make it a much smoother ride.

Have fun!