Helpful tips for a successful road-trip


Whether you are with friends or family, whether you are going on vacation, to visit relatives, or to a music festival –a road-trip is often involved! Road-trips are things that have the potential to be a lot of fun, but simultaneously have the potential to be really boring or chaotic, if not properly planned. Here are some top tips to ensure that your next road-trip is a successful one!


If you are not driving, it is a good idea to come prepared with some items to keep you entertained throughout the trip. A good road-trip music play-list is a good place to start, but you may want to think about other options too, for possible situations where other passengers are trying to rest or nap, but you are wide awake. Bring a book with, if you are able to read in a car without getting car sick. Alternatively; a much better idea is to occupy yourself by playing some really cool online games. Red Flush is home to over 700 casino games, which means that should you get bored of one game, there are many more to explore and choose from. On a long road-trip having such a variety of games at your disposal is really essential, and you may earn some extra vacation spending money while you are having fun! Also, it is worth mentioning that if you are a new player, you are eligible for a super generous new player welcome bonus, totaling $1000. This is a really competitive bonus to be given, with many other online game providers only giving you a fraction of this total value.


What is a road-trip without snacks? You are bound to get hungry throughout your journey, so best come prepared with a packet of easy to eat snacks and drinks. Opt for snacks like granola bars, dried fruit, crisps or pre-packaged wraps that will be easier to eat than a sandwich would. Also, choose drinks with screw caps as opposed to cans that cannot be closed once opened. Another handy tip is to pack along some waterless hand sanitizer as well as some napkins and wet-wipes in case you spill something or need to clean your hands!


There is the impulsivity to just get in the car and drive, but you really do need to do some research and plan a couple of things before you depart. Heading to San Fran? Book your San Francisco party bus so you don’t have to drive around the town. If you are driving and using a GPS (or one on your phone), make sure the device is fully charged before you leave. If you have a plug point for a charger in your car, remember to take that too! Or invest in a portable charger. You need to map out your route beforehand and see where the service stations along the way are. You will need to stop for gas, restroom uses and to repurchase some snacks and drinks along the way. Also, see if there are any noteworthy attractions you can stop at along the way too. Makes sure that you stop every few hours, so that the driver can stretch their legs and take a break.