HARD Summer Sold Out of 2-Day Passes

HARD Summer Sold OutHARD Summer sold out of 2-day passes today as announced per their Facebook page — single day passes are soon to go next. If you have yet to purchase yourself a ticket for our favorite EDM festival of the year, your window of time is running short.

While HARD typically never sells out completely until the first day of the festival, you don’t want to be left purchasing a ticket from a third party. That extra cash you end up spending on the ticket is way more suitable for trips to the beer garden or pitching in on a hotel room around downtown Los Angeles.

While we’re on the subject of hotels — please tell me you’ve booked yours already. Prices hit astronomical proportions this close to HARD Summer. We’ll soon follow up with a post about last minute hotel arrangements — but your best bet around this time is looking well outside the downtown area of LA Historic Park. Sure, it’s a bit of a drive but at least you’re guaranteed a place to stay.

We’re expecting the official schedule to drop anytime this week, perhaps this approaching weekend at the latest. Until then we’ll have to control our breathing and exercise some incredible patience.